Felicity’s Journal – Strange Happenings in Dunstable



It has been a busy few days. We are up in Dunstable for a few days. It is the first everyone has been together since the New Year. Everyone looks relaxed – even Rachael in her chair. We have been looking at the strange pond at Jason’s parent’s house. It seems the water is blue for reasons most of us didn’t predict (I wasn’t in any position to predict). Jason, Rachael and Simone huddled last night and came out looking perplexed and thoughtful. When Michael said Jason looked like he ate something funny, Jason just said, “things just got stranger.” Simone looked like the cat that ate the canary with her grin and Rachael looked distracted as she couldn’t really hear conversation around her. I asked Rachael what was going on and she waved me away and said, “I’m not sure. Millicent needs to explain some things. The three of us are in new territory.” Do I need to be worried? Rachael looked at me and said, “If we’re right, not at all. There may be good news soon.”


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