The Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is Finished – Modechai’s Clockshop

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is Finished.  Eleanor, Rachael, Simone and Liam arrive at Mordechai’s Clock and Watch Repair.  The crates from the wagon are unloaded. Modechai sees the number of boxes and has his usual reaction (“I run a business here!”). But, in his own cantankerous way, he thanks the group for making the new addition.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter, the book home page is a good place to start.

Author’s note

I am fortunate this chapter is so long (seven entries), because I have not yet finished writing the next chapter. I’ve made good progress, but I will be frantically writing in spare moments over the next few days trying to get the next chapter wrapped up and typed.  Felicity has promised an entry or two  – watch for those. If I can get a spare lunch or two, I may add some additional entries on a book review or blog review.

Look for something else tomorrow!

Mordechai’s Clockshop

They finally reached Stepney Green square. They couldn’t take the wagon all the way into the narrow streets and it would be a long walk with the crates, but Eleanor was grateful to get down from the bench with less wind and snow blowing in her face.  Rachael was unloaded first. She headed off quickly and Simone followed her to the clock shop on Silver Street. With Rachael and Simone gone, Liam and Eleanor were left to unload the wagon. He shrugged and said, “Looks like it you and me lass.”

Eleanor pursed her lips and said, “Seems so Mr. O’Hannigan. I have no doubt that Simone will quickly make herself indispensable to Mr. Weiz and Rachael the moment she walks in the door.”

Liam looked down the road at the disappearing pair and said, “Tis a gift. I’ll let you settle accounts later with her.”

Eleanor laughed and the two of them hefted two boxes to the shop.

A new ramp had appeared at the doorway. It was long and interfered with the curb, but Mordechai was good friends with the neighbors and they saw Rachael in the wheel chair. So no one complained. It was that kind of neighborhood.  Liam and Eleanor brought the crates into the shop which had the door chime stopped because of the expected traffic. Eleanor found herself curiously disappointed, but she squared her shoulders, put on a smile and moved to the back workroom.  Mordechai waved them to an open space on one side.  Liam and Eleanor set their loads down. Liam headed out directly. Eleanor glared at Simone and nodded her head towards the door.  Simone got up and said, “Excuse me Mr. Weiz. I need to help unload.”

Mordechai looked at the two big crates and said, “Oy vey. How many more are there?”

Rachael looked at the boxes, “Four more plus tools and a great long cable.”

Mordechai put his hands in the air dramatically, “I run a business here.” He then pointed to Rachael, “You and I will talk about that word ‘business’ later. I will help these poor souls so the local urchins don’t pick it clean.”  Rachael frowned as everyone filed out the room.

Eleanor, seeing her awkwardness, said, “let us get the boxes. You’ll  be busy enough  later.  With all of us, we’ll be quick.”  Rachael’s shoulder slumped and she nodded and stared at the table.  She said, “I better start a new pot of tea. You’ll all be chilled.”

With the four of them working together it took two more trips to get all the boxes, cable and tools. On the last trip, Eleanor, Simone and Mordechai came in and stomped their feet to get the dirt and snow off and headed to the back. Coats came off and ended up on hooks and chairs.  Rachael poured out five cups of tea and Liam came in after tending to Betsy and the wagon.  Mordechai brought out some cheese and bread and a small luncheon started.

Mordechai looked uneasily at the boxes throughout lunch. Finally, as the last cheese wedge was taken by Liam, Mordechai asked, “Rachael, I don’t know what you’ve planned. I never do, but that is just too big.”

Rachael smiled with a quirk on one side, “You always say that. But for your information, most of that is packing. I’ve viewed the front room. We’ll have to rearrange one or two items, but this will not be in the way at all.”  Eleanor snickered at the comment, which annoyed Mordechai. So he turned her and said, “I’ve been to your family shop now young lady. No craziness in that shop. A nice, well dressed young man greets you.  I’ve no doubt Rachael finagled you into this madness as well.”

Before Eleanor could answer, Rachael said, “Her part is the focus. I suspect, if Mr. Woodson saw her ship fly, he might countenance some madness.”

Eleanor whispered, “You don’t know my father.” More loudly she said, “But yes, Mr. Weiz. I’ve added my part to the madness as you call it. And doubt you’ll will never forget me once you see it. No matter how hard you try.”

Mordechai threw up his hands and shouted to the roof as if the heavens would rescue him, “Surrounded. God. Surrounded. Liam O’Hannigan, surely you can restore sanity to this bedlam.”

Liam scratched his cheek and said sheepishly, “Rachael asked for some songs for those music boxes of hers and I supplied a tune or two.” Warming to his part, “and I helped make a mechanical doll.”

Amidst the laughter of the table, Mordechai put his head in his hands and shook it despairingly.  Then he got up and said to Rachael in mock severity, “Your baubles will fill the front room. I should make a sale or two before you displace all my goods completely.” He got up and suddenly grabbed Rachael’s head and kissed it saying, “My crazy daughter…you’ve come back. I’ve missed you.” He then looked around, “I blame you for this.” He left the room rubbing Liam’s head affectionately on the way out despite the curmudgeonly words.


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