The Omicron Matter – A door chime is finished – breakfast before the installation

Another entry in the Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is Finished. The next Eleanor gets up and starts her routines. Life has settled a bit but the littlest things can remind her of her abduction and time as a captive. When that happens, she tries to change the topic.

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Breakfast before installation

Eleanor wore, got up without disturbing Simone and headed to the gym where she did some morning exercises. Simone was still asleep or at least in bed when she returned. Eleanor jostled her a bit, “I do not know how you sleep so late.”

Simone moaned and said, “I am not sleeping late. You are the one who gets up at the crack of dawn.”

Eleanor smiled and said, “It comes with running a factory that starts at dawn.  The gym is free. I will see you at breakfast, “ and she headed to the washroom and a shower.

It was going on a month and half since the horrid week at Smith’s.  She and Simone were sleeping through most nights now. Routine helped Eleanor make it through the day. Gym and a shower began that routine. After showering, she saw that Simone was gone and must be at the gym. She dressed in a white blouse and a practical set of breaches. In the galley, early risers were gathering for breakfast. A pot of tea was steeping.  Michael, Felicity and Liam were there.  Felicity was looking radiant these days as the wedding day approached and Michael was looking like he might burst a button in anticipation. Eleanor’s throat choked for a moment and then she shook it off. The three were discussing the best parks in London.  Michael asked, “Eleanor, which is your favorite?”

Eleanor sighed and said, “I didn’t get out much. Russell Square was good for a sit down. I enjoyed Hyde Park when I…” and her voice caught.  Memories of her brother’s killing came back. She took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry… woolgathering…maybe a different park might be nice if we are around in spring. Suggestions?”

Felicity eyed her with a raised eyebrow but returned to working on some toast and said, “You should try Battersea.” Liam heartily agreed and the conversation changed to the virtues of that park. Eleanor took a drink of water to compose herself and made a cup of tea and some toast. Rachael, Simone and Millicent arrived and Eleanor got up welcoming the distraction of making three more cups of tea.

Liam greeted Rachael with news. “The wagon is ready. Near as I can tell, everything including you will fit in the back. “

Rachael chuckled and said, “ye are the soul of sensitivity. I’ve picked out my pillow and blankets. I hope this wagon has decent springs.”

Liam shook his head and took a sip of tea, “It’s London lass. Nothing is going to make your ride smooth.”

Rachael laughed and put a bit of jam on her toast.  Everyone finished eating and Millicent took the dishes with Michael.  The rest headed to the workshop to move the parts of the project.  There were five large boxes plus a coil of cable and a box of tools. Eleanor, Liam, Simone and Felicity moved the crates to the wagon as Rachael supervised first at the workshop and then at the wagon. When the creates were arranged in the wagon, Liam lifted Rachael by the shoulders into the back of the wagon. Rachael arranged her pillow and blanket as the rest of the crates were stowed around her.

Liam helped Eleanor and Simone into the front bench. He then climbed into the other side, gathered the reins, and clicked his tongue. The ever faithful Betsy moved forward pulling the wagon. Eleanor supposed the distance from Eagle Wharf to Stepney wasn’t very long. But the ride seemed interminable.  It was a cold, blustery day with snow flurries.  Eleanor loathed London winters.  The ride was not in Liam’s covered cab and as the wind and snow blew in their faces Eleanor envied Rachael sitting in the bed, hidden from the elements. But Rachael’s sour look corrected Eleanor’s thinking.


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