The Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is Finished – Dinner on the ship

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is finished. Eleanor left Rachael to her work and headed up to the galley where she met the remaining group. Jason and John are up in Dunstable working on the water heater, but everyone else has gathered for dinner.

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Authors note:

There really is a new entry. This is a short entry and is really a bit of transition between yesterday’s and tomorrow’s scene. My long suffering editor has made a number of good suggestions to the whole chapter. Here, she suggested I list the people in the room.  I am trying to get the next chapter done. It too will be a long one and it will be in the style like I used on Eleanor’s Rescue. I will have short sections from each character for the whole chapter.

Dinner on the ship

Eleanor left the work room chuckling and headed upstairs to the galley and residence. Millicent, Liam and Michael were at the table watching Felicity and Simone cook dinner.  Simone was cooking a stew. That was cause for amusement because a) Simone had never cooked until she had joined Millicent’s crew and b) she could not remember ever having stew. Felicity was beside her, chopping and coaching about what goes in and when to stir. Simone seemed be enjoying herself as Eleanor walked by and waved. Simone briefly looked up and smiled and then was back to stirring. Eleanor sat down at the table and asked Liam quietly, “Stew?”

Liam said, “Felicity described it and Simone said it sounded wonderful for a cold night.” He leaned in and whispered, “Felicity is doing most of the chopping and measuring but Simone is very energetic. “ At that point Felicity said, “Just stir to mix the spices. We don’t need it whipped.”  Eleanor stifled a laugh.

Simone without looking up said, “Dinner is almost ready.”

Charles said, “I’ll send Rachael up.”  Michael and Eleanor set the table as the others gathered. Millicent had specified at least one dinner a week together. It turned out most people had dinner together except for  Simone and Eleanor.  After a few minutes, Rachael arrived complaining, “Can you believe he turned off the lights?”

Eleanor said, “He said he would. You told me you believed he would.”

Charles piped up and said, “And I am an AI of my word.”

Rachael whined, “but I had to use the torches in the chair to find my way out.“

Felicity said from the chopping block, “Charles probably guessed you would have tried to find a way to work by door light if he left the door open for you. Anyway, Simone has worked hard to make dinner tonight and I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss it.”

People found their places. Wine was served and Simone and Felicity dished up the plates.  Conversation was lively and raucous. Eleanor warmed as compliments were paid to Simone who genuinely appreciated the comments even if she guessed how much Felicity had actually done.

Eleanor asked Rachael, “How long will it take to set this beast up?”

Rachael looked at the table and scratched her head, “I don’t really know. It is so complex. I’ve always taken the summer for the other pieces. But those were done in me off hours.  I will have you, Simone and Liam and we’ll be working in regular hours. But it is a convoluted bugger. We’ll probably spend half a day just loading it and then another half unloading and unpacking it.”

Liam said, “I’ve got a good wagon that Betsy can pull. The backs on the bench are a bit low though.” He shrugged apologetically looking at Rachael.

Rachael grimaced, “I’ve resigned myself to ride in the bed of the wagon. Just give me a decent blanket and a pillow or two.”

Liam said cheerfully, “Consider it done.”

Millicent said, “I would add my help, but I think it best if you all work this without me. It will be good practice.”

Rachael turned to her and said, “Father will ask about you.”

Millicent leaned back in her chair and smiled, “Tell your father he hasn’t seen the last of me.”

General conversation continued until the hour was late and people headed to their respective quarters.


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