The Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is Finished – Work is finished

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – A Door Chime is Finished. Rachael Weiz, newly inspired, designed a final addition to the incredible door chime of Modechai’s Watch and Clock Repair.  Everyone in the crew has added their bit to the chime making it a good bye piece for everyone.

For those who are new to the Omicron Matter  – the book home page is a good place to start (newly updated!)

Authors note –

It has been several days since I posted. Life conspired against me. Well really more like work. I had some significant deadlines and activity in my real job and so time to spend on my story was lost.  This chapter is long and took a long time to type up which did not help matters. The plus side of that is that I have several days of posts ready to go while I work on the NEXT chapter which is finally moving along.  Felicity has promised to get a post or two in over the next couple of days as well so there will be plenty of new stuff to read.

Look for more tomorrow.

Work on the door chime is finished

Eleanor stood up from the stool and looked at her part for the door chime.  Rachael had showed them some of her  initial ideas and designs. And then she explained the Jewish legend that she was representing and a hush fell upon the room.  Everyone had added some part to the device. For her part, she designed and built an airship. Simone had supplied materials for the cables. John had worked with Eleanor on the engines and pneumatics. Michael provided boxes in the shape of famous buildings that were artfully decorated. Jason, working with Charles, had provided power that would, no doubt, leave visitors scratching their heads.  Even Felicity and Liam had made contributions that would show. Tomorrow, Rachael with Eleanor, Simone and Liam would install it to its final location in Mordechai’s Watch and Clock repair.

Millicent had said that true departure was weeks away.  Meanwhile each person was finding closure with his or her time here on Earth. Eleanor had spent the past weeks helping at her family factory. Her time and effort was more appreciated in these last weeks than it ever had been before.  Initially she had been bothered ,  but she came to understand how her father was trying to make up for the lost years. She also helped complete Millicent’s order of custom wardrobes. It was the first time since she was a child that she had been allowed to spend time in the finishing room. She carved, sanded or treated the wood. She, her father, her brothers and her grandfather worked mostly in silence.  But there was there the usual grumbling and laughing at frustrations. At the end of the day everyone would share a cup of tea with Simone serving. Simone had been sharing her work experience with Isaac in the front room and helping set up proper accounting methods.

In the evening,  Eleanor and Simone would travel to Simone’s house for dinner and the occasional social gathering. Simone had made it clear that she would never join the family firm. There was still hand wringing and resentment over that, but Simone remained resolute with encouragement from Eleanor. Simone’s family invited the two of them to the opera and ballet which thrilled Eleanor.  Simone was annoyed because she found them dreadfully boring.  But Simone was viewing them anew with Eleanor so rapt by the performances. Eleanor’s enthusiasm provided useful conversation fodder for dinners and social gatherings.

Eleanor packed her airship in the box and moved it with the others while Rachael watched.  Eleanor told Rachael, “There won’t be a dry eye in Stepney.”

Rachael snorted as she worked on gears in the main box, “It will be from laughter if I don’t get the timing on these gears correct. Who would have thought timing something over 15 feet would be so hard?”

Eleanor laughed and said, “I know John came close to cursing your name. I heard something along the lines of ‘blasted miniatures’ and ‘damn thin lines’. It was as harsh as I’ve ever heard out of him.”  She looked down at the open box in front of Rachel. Eleanor asked, “Are you nearly done?”

Rachael grumbled again, “Close. I’ve never done anything this complicated before. It is going to take a couple of days to put it all together at the shop.”

Eleanor put a hand on Rachael’s shoulder and said, “Don’t work too late. We’ll have dinner soon.”

Charles piped in with a cheerful tone, “No worries Miss Woodson.  She has another hour and then I will turn the lights off and open the door.”

Rachael hissed, “He will too. I’ll never get this done, you electronic bastard.”

Eleanor laughed as Charles said calmly, “For your health Miss Weiz, For your health.”


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