Felicity’s Journal – Taking a break



So much of what I have written or Mr. Dent has written is the work we do or the challenges that we face. So what do we do with time off? Some of that you’ve read – we go to the pub or we have late night talk sessions. But by ourselves, each of us has our own methods for relaxing.

In some ways, this journal is my time to relax. I will write in here to reflect. But that seems too much like work. I like to cook so I will make desserts or special meals on occasion.

Michael is an artist. He will take his sketch book to some location and draw pictures of the landscape. In better weather, I have enjoyed joining him, but in this cold I prefer the indoors.

John, the intellectual, enjoys reading and discussions with Charles. He also plays chess with Jason, Simone and, occasionally Charles (John said he feels like a young learner when he plays Charles).

With all the time on the farm, Jason enjoys working with his hands. He will draft up other’s designs. He has also joined Eleanor on weekends at the Woodson factory and done small job work there.

Eleanor, despite her apparent dislike of the cold, likes bird watching. I asked what there was to see besides pigeons and she laughed and reeled off: Rooks, snipes, Plovers, Falcons… the list went on. She goes to parks, the Thames and water ways in the city. When Michael is going to the river, she will join him with her set of binoculars.

Simone, like me won’t go outside unless she has to. She takes care of indoor plants. Apparently her family has a garden that she has helped with in the summers. She has set up a small area on the ship as a hot house in which she is growing orchids. They don’t look like much now, but they should be blooming in a couple of months.

Rachael goes to temple Friday nights and Saturday mornings. She also does a bit of goldsmith work and has made some of her own jewelry. This seems a lot like work given her previous profession, but she likes working with her hands and she likes wearing the things she makes.

Liam seems to relax by currying Betsy. When I asked, he said he likes going to the races in spring and summer. Once I saw him scribbling in a notebook and I asked what it was and he only closed and said, “nought for you to know.” Millicent was around and told me later. Apparently he dabbles in poetry, but hasn’t had the courage to share it yet. I didn’t ask how she knew.

Millicent never seems to tire. She visits the coffee shop and her friends there. I think she likes to think of herself as a lost aunt for Athena. At night, I will see her retire to the bridge of the ship. I can hear music in there. Charles told me even she needs a bit of home once in a while.


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