The Finder’s Saga – Authors Update

Busy, Busy, Busy

Busy, Busy, Busy

Thank you for your patience. Please enjoy this lovely cat video while the author gets more done.


One of my fellow bloggers has a great article on “Blogging Made Simple” and I have empirically found his advice sound. Produce consistently and produce something people want to read. And add cat videos.  I can say that my attempts at consistent have paid off. Only the readers can decide if I am producing content they want to read. His other suggestion is to find a niche and work it.   The last months have been focused on the story. I will start adding some new material to broaden my audience. While I won’t resort to cat videos (except this once), I will work on getting more blog reviews done and discussing more writing influences and help I’ve found.

On the consistent/persistent front – I have one more entry on the current chapter that will go in tomorrow.  Miss Rand has graciously agreed to up her output for a day or two. As a new author, I letting her set her pace.  However, I am hitting a dry spell and content may be meager for the short term.  I finished writing a very long chapter that needs to be less long.  I am trying to start a new chapter and I find my wheels spinning rather than me moving forward.  I am going to take some of my resource advice and solidify characters motivations and conflicts. I make also take some time to map out this next chapter I write because it is rather pivotal.  If I can get the chapter right, the next sections will write them selves. I just need to supply the ink.

Spoiler alert

Millicent finds important traces in Jason’s old house and explains what the Omicron is and why it is so important.  Matters for the group change dramatically.

And Felicity and I both look forward to questions to help us be better writers



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