Felicity’s Journal – Jason McNeill


January 8,1863

My grafts are back to feeling normal. It is just Michael and me in the ship right now. Rachael, Eleanor and Simone are off installing that remarkable doorbell and are gone most of the day. Jason and John have headed back to Dunstable. Jason promised a second water heater and Millicent sent John along to help. John was not very happy about it. It is hard to tell when he is angry, but I think he chewed more vigorously after Millicent told him. Millicent disappears to somewhere but comes back at dinner. Michael spends the morning in the lab doing research and drawing in his book. I spend that time exercising and building up my strength. In the afternoon, we have taken to visiting the British Museum or the National Gallary. Charles “joins” us with one of the notebooks. We hold it up to the piece of art and he explains it to us. I found out that Botticelli’s “Venus and Mars”, Venus is awake and Mars is asleep showing the “Love Conquers All”.

Today I will write about Jason McNeill. Of the recruits or contractors, he is respected as the “smartest”. Michael tells me that he did extra work with one or two of the professors and could probably teach most of the beginning and intermediate classes. Jason seems to perceive how things work well before others do, although he can be as perplexed by some of the strange devices on the ship. He is still confused by whether Charles is a machine or a being. I think John infuriates him on purpose by asking “does it matter?” (once I heard Charles snicker after that). Like most of us, Jason has humble beginnings. His parents disappeared and were presumed dead when he was three. He was raised by his aunt and uncle. That is better than an orphanage, but it seems his aunt didn’t care for science or book learning. Jason had to put himself through school. His parents are the real mysteries. Millicent is pretty sure they were taken from here. And by here, I mean Earth. Jason’s father had worked with Millicent doing chemistry and electricity. Jason’s mother was her own genius as well. All that is left of them is a broken house and set of notebooks Jason and Rachael are decoding. Millicent says that important information is held in them but won’t say what it is.

Now that he doesn’t have to work so hard and has some free time, Jason is having a bit more fun. He and Liam have taken to playing pranks on members of the team. One evening I had agreed to cook dinner, when I went to get my knives, I found them all in a bucket – frozen solid – upright – like they were in a knife block made of ice. It would be hours before they thawed; we had dinner at a pub that night.

Jason is also a bit angry and impetuous. He was ages getting along with John. It wasn’t until the other ladies told him about John’s childhood that Jason understood John at all. Jason is so smart, he wants to do things right away without thinking them through. Millicent and Charles say the biggest problem with that is that he is right just enough that he can’t figure out how to plan when he should. They are trying to figure out their own pranks to get him to start thinking ahead more. He should worry the next time he is in charge of dinner.

Charles said he would link my journal to his own entries so you can see some of the story yourself.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I am feeling dreadfully bored while everyone else works.


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