The Omicron Matter – Rachael Rehabilitates – Navigating to the Gym

A new entry in The Omicron Matter – Rachael Rehabilitates.  Having been placed in her wheel chair and made a few test cycles around the medical lab, Rachael is ready to head to the gym where Millicent plans some training.  But there is a surprise in the hallway.

Look for more tomorrow.

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Navigating to the gym

John moved behind her, but Rachael cut him off and said, “I’ll drive.”

John stiffened but bowed and said, “Of course, I’ll see you up there,” and headed out the door.  Rachael maneuvered towards the door but everyone to seemed be in the way of the door which was getting annoying. John seemed to be particularly slow as he left the door.  In frustration she shouted at the mob that seemed to be blocking the door, “Will you people get out of my way.” At that,  John moved into the hallway removing her last obstacle. As she rolled out into the hall way, she saw everyone lining the hallway clapping and cheering. Jason and Liam were in the far end whooping it. John, Simone and Eleanor were closer to the open door and they were clapping just as hard despite Rachael’s temper tantrum moments before.  Michael and Felicity were in the middle cheering as well. Felicity’s face was still covered with bandages.

At the very end of the line of was her father who was clapping and miraculously had a bouquet of flowers in the middle of winter.  Rachael lost the last of her control of emotions and frustrations as tears filled her eyes.  She sniffed and coughed and took a proffered handkerchief from Simone and blew her nose. She then said with warmth, “Damn idiots made me cry. You’ll pay for that. I’ll…I’ll run over your toes each and every one of you.” There was laughter and hugs which she endured until she finally said, “I thought I had training to go to.”

People milled about shifting towards the stairway at the rear of the ship. Her father remained and moved to the back of her chair. She explained again, “I need to learn to work this thing. If I need help, I promise I will ask.” She heard a disappointed sigh, but there was no push. She moved the chair to the rear of the ship and got to the base of the stairs.  She whispered, “Damn,” and then louder, “Charles, now what?”

By now Mordechai was accustomed to the strange disembodied voice and its smooth accent.  Charles answered, “There is a lift further back…follow the lights.” And a set of lights blinked helpfully.  She headed further back and entered what might have been a very large empty closet. By the entry way was a set of buttons and a handle. Charles added helpfully, “Press three and pull the handle toward anticlockwise.”

Rachael looked at the panel of buttons which were just out of her reach in her low slung chair.  She looked at her father and sighed and said, “Could you please press three and pull the handle?”

Mordechai hid a smirk, but said nothing and did as he was asked.  Charles spoke as the lift began its slow ascent. “I am sorry Rachael. Adjustments are going to take a while.  We fixed your room and sections of the workout area.  The galley is next, but a lot of this is going to require discovery on your part unfortunately. I will get one of those layabouts to handle this quickly.”

Rachael looked around and said, “I’ll need a broom stick in here until it’s fixed.” The ride was slow and tedious. By the time they arrived at the 3rd level, everyone had found other places to go. Rachael wheeled herself out and down the hall leaving her startled father. When she reached the gym, she turned left and into the room.  In the section of the room commonly reserved for sparing, Millicent stood with a chair which was surrounded by additional padding.


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