Felicity’s Journal – Michael Gave Me a Ring!

January 3, 1863

Michael gave me a ring New Year’s Eve! We are going to finally get married next month. I suppose it isn’t a real shock to anyone, but things were so crazy the past couple of months I stopped thinking about when we would.   When he presented it and I got all teary and I think the cheers were louder than for the New Year. Jason and Liam were impossibly rude and a bit funny as they tormented Michael. Eleanor, Simone and Rachael all declared that I must have a proper dress. And they would need proper dresses as well. Millicent rolled her eyes and then said she knew a seamstress who did excellent work. I was a bit wobbly the next morning as I don’t believe I’ve ever had that much champagne.

The two of us went back to the Barrow house to tell the staff. There were hugs and tears around. The head butler let Mr. Barrow know and he came down to congratulate us and he said he will arrange with the priest at the local parish to handle the ceremony. Word got out elsewhere and I received a message saying Alice and Abigail would be handling the brunch and there was to be no discussion of price. I guess I will be spending the next weeks planning meals, place settings and sending out invitations.

Today, however, Millicent and Charles said they needed to replace the grafts. They warned me it would be painful. I am not sure they warned me severely enough. I won’t say it hurt as badly as the rinsing treatments, but it seems I had become quite attached to the grafts in more than one way. I was asleep while the change occurred. Apparently they take the old graft off as gently as possible (allowing for the fact that my own skin was still attached), then they did some more rinsing (I was most grateful to be asleep) and apply the new graft. So now the side of my face and neck sting and itch horribly and I have another strange color on my face. It is a bit smaller as the damage is being repaired. I have a few more of these treatments to go before I will have my face back.

Happy New Year all and let me know if you have any questions.


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