The Omicron Matter – Jason Learns New Ways of Seeing Information – John Livens the Conversation

A new entry in the Omicron Matter – Jason Learns News Ways of Seeing Information – In the concluding entry, Jason watched John leave as he came to terms with his resentments.  Was what John did all that bad? As he considers this,  John returns with a bottle of whiskey (Irish no doubt) and passes glasses around. Toasts are made and a sense of camaraderie begins to develop.

Author’s note

The cheers are supposedly true Irish cheers. Or at least as true as anything on the internet.   I have one chapter edited and ready for publication. One being reviewed by my long suffering editor and two awaiting typing.  A third is under development.  How (you ask) does one keep track of all those bouncing balls? I reverted to form and I developed an Access database to keep track of scenes, characters and plot ideas.  Felicity has added her journal ideas to the DB (it is shared).  Probably way more organization than some are comfortable with. But, HEY, my day job is to help IT departments improve their processes through better use of their existing tools.  I should be able to improve my own process.

Below is the chapter. For those who are new to the Omicron Matter – the Home Page is a good place to start.


John livens the conversation

Jason watched him go and said after he had left, “His father really tore up his books and beat him?”

Rachael said, “Apparently when he got too big to beat, his father would stage fights with the shop crew. That lasted until he started beating the crew.” There was a smile of satisfaction.

Eleanor said, “He certainly knew how to brawl in the basement.”

Jason’s emotions swirled in an uneasy way.  The years of rejection and taunting by the West Enders and John still formed a dull pain of resentment in his gut.  But there was something different now. Jason had never known his parents well. For all the hard work, hidden resentment and over protection, his aunt and uncle were never really cruel to him. John had it far worse than his life. Jason may have made it on his own, but there was ample support from the town and his uncle. John had none of that. Worse, when John came home, his successes were viewed as failures.   Jason couldn’t say how he would have acted in the face of that.

Jason stared at the door and his shoulders slumped, “So I am an ass.”

He could hear Rachael’s laugh behind him and her saying, “See ladies… I told you he could learn.”

Eleanor remained relaxed and said, “Don’t count your money yet. He is still talking to the door.”

Jason’s ears perked and he looked at the three women smiling at him, “Am I missing something? Did you have some sort of bet going on?”

At that point, John came in with a bottle of whisky and several glasses balanced carefully on the tray.  He announced, “If we are going to talk family history, we are going to do it in proper East Ender fashion…with drinks.  Country boy pass the glasses around. I’ll make the first toast.”

Charles injected sternly, “Miss Weiz…really.”

Rachael said, “Charles…I have not had a tipple in weeks. I am Jewish. We don’t take the pledge. Our holidays require drinking.”

Eleanor stood up and said, “Charles, don’t be such a bore.  A wee dram or two couldn’t possibly hurt.”

Simone looked a bit sheepish, “In this matter, I think I side with Charles. Her drugs won’t go well with the alcohol. ”

John found his old Cockney accent, “Lass…you’ve joined the East side. We’ll have naught of that gentility. Miss Weiz is due a proper drink.”

Jason caught up in the spirit, “Charles , we haven’t had a good pub run since… well since Simone joined us.  John’s right. A bit of compromise is necessary here.”

There was a pause,  and Charles said in clipped tones, “On your head be it Rachael Weiz. No more than two drinks and don’t ask me for any relief when you have a hangover tomorrow.”

Rachael muttered, “Couldn’t be any worse than that dose of nanotechnology.  I thought I would die from that.”

John worked his way around the room filling glasses.  Then he raised his glass.

“May you have the hindsight to know where you’ve been

The foresight to know where you are going

And the insight to know when you’ve gone too far


“Slainte” said the others and they took drinks.  Charles piped in light music and conversation dissolved to comparisons of people’s relatives.  At some point, Michael and Felicity wandered in and John fetched glasses for them but Felicity declined saying it wouldn’t go with her pain medications. But she stayed and drank some water.

A second round was poured and Jason raised his glass and spoke

“My friends are the best friends
Loyal, Willing and Able

Now let’s get drinking

Glasses off the table


“Cheers” said the rest and took drinks.

Jason looked at John raised his glass a second time and winked.



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