The Omicron Matter – Jason Learns New Ways of Seeing Information – More People Join

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A new entry in The Omicron Matter – Jason learns new ways of seeing information.  Eleanor and Simone join the group in the medical bay.  Eleanor never really tried to fit in at University, while Simone who was upper class really just wanted to be a good student. Jason discovers that everyone felt a bit out of place in one degree or another.

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Happy new you to my loyal readers.  You support and interest has made this a fun venture.  I hope the new year brings new opportunities, health and happiness to you and your family.

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More people join

Rachael almost pleaded, “Jason, you worked multiple jobs and took the Devil’s debt to get through. I hid my heritage, my culture, my faith. John studied philosophy, poetry, poshed up his speaking and tried to fit into parties.  Lord knows what Eleanor had to do  – she can’t exactly hide her skin tone.”

John continued, “I can say that discarding you all was not my finest moment. It wasn’t the way to escape. That is what Findley Brown does – walk on peoples backs.”

Jason felt a small kernel of victory and muttered “Damn straight, it’s what Findley does…”

At that moment a voice came from the door and asked “Lord knows what Eleanor had to do to do what?”

Jason waved at John and Rachael saying, “We’re just comparing methods for climbing the social ladder and escaping family pasts.”

The tall dark woman came in with Simone following, “Oh that must have been rich. Did you finally hear about John’s wonderful family?”

John protested, “I haven’t told you!”

Eleanor waved him silent and said, “John, please. Rachael has been bed ridden for weeks. Do ya’ think we ladies have not compared you all?”

Jason’s ears went a bit red and then he muttered to John, “I am feeling a bit picked on at the moment. What about you?”

John eyed him sideways and whispered, “By them …not so much. I’ve asked for some forgiveness before. I think I’ve asked enough. By now, it isn’t me who has the problem, it’s not me; it’s you. Why can’t you let it go?”

Eleanor found a chair and sat in a relaxed fashion.  She said, “I’m not sure climbing the social ladder was ever going to be an option for me. There are some things fine clothes and a refined accent can’t hide and Americans and Europeans have funny ideas about people who look like me.”

Simone said quietly in Jason’s direction, “As angry as you are with John, you must be furious with me.”

Jason sighed and said louder, “OK, now I am feeling picked on.” He looked at Simone and shrugged, “To be honest, I had expected a bit of rudeness from you.  You have been anything but.  When I first started at University, there was a set of West Enders who seemed determined to bring back the old aristocracy.”

Simone looked at her hands and spoke, “I can guess which ones – Winifred Stanhope, Neville Carter-Fraser, and Charles Wayland led that little movement. Findley fit right in with them.  They tried to pull me in when they could  – invites to parties, ‘join us at the club’, that sort of bother.  I suppose my parents would have been happier if I had joined them a bit – family ties and all that.  But I was more interested in classes and the work.”

Jason said, “You were brilliant in physical chemistry and biology. Such a strange mix. “

Simone said, “But I couldn’t hold a candle to you.  I can work the equations to find the answers.  The equations seem to speak to you.”

Rachael spoke again, “There …see Jason…not so bad after all.” Jason could feel his ears burns.  John excused himself.



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