The Omicron Matter – Jason Learns New Ways to See Information – Working Through Material


A new entry in The Omicron Matter – Jason Learns New Ways to See Information. Jason and Rachael begin index. Time passes quickly as they start working through one of his father’s notebooks. After a couple of hours, John O’Malley comes in and tells them to stop. Jason has never really settled matters with John and he makes rude comments.  After Rachael calls Jason on his rudeness, Jason discovers a great deal about John he didn’t know.

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Working through material

The cards had holes around the edges.  They started with book one and identified two experiments. Rachael and Jason wrote the entries and page number for each place the found and cut the first or second holes in the edge of the card.  Holes 3, 4 and 5 would be used for the later experiments.  Once they identified the two main experiments in the first book, they started classifying the nature of the information: observations or recorded data;  calculations or equations; library research; designs, etc. They were deep in discussion when the doors opened and John O’Malley walked in.

John said with some tension, “You’ve been at it for two hours McNeill. Rachael needs rest.”

Rachael said, “Oh John, I am feeling fine. Invigorated even. Don’t be such a yawper. There is some amazing stuff in these books. And I am sure if I had yawned once Jason would have stopped immediately.” She turned back to Jason in a conspiratorial tone “He’s gotten very protective. It would be rather cute if it weren’t so darn annoying at times.”

Jason gathered up the books and the cards and stood up, “No problem John. I am finding the room a bit stuffy suddenly. “

John stiffened a bit, to Jason’s satisfaction, but stayed silent.  But Rachael fumed for a moment and then burst out, “Jason McNeill you apologize. That was rude and uncalled for.” Jason started at her rebuke but did not give ground, “Call it pay back for four years of snobbery.”

Rachael was having none of it, saying “Jason … he helped us. He conned his cousin out of a drill bit which we are going to have to replace. He has spent the last three weeks apologizing.  What more does he need to do for you to be civilized?”

Jason stared at John who smiled slightly at the defense and shrugged a little but remained silent. Jason  sputtered, “Dammit,  this is the third time I’ve been told I need to be better… that I need to take the higher road. My Aunt burns my drafts and work and I am supposed to forgive her because her sister – my mother – wasn’t nice to her. Stephan hides what he knew about my father and his notebooks for 15 years.  I am supposed to let that go because he was finally opening up and besides my father was doing risky stuff.  John was friends and palled around with Findley Brown who spent a lifetime making mine miserable.  I am not feeling disposed at the moment.”

There was quiet and John looked at his fingernails and said quietly, “Can’t say I blame you a whole lot. Dad tore up my books and beat me so I wouldn’t put up airs.  I am impressed you can forgive your aunt. I won’t be forgiving dear old Pater.”

Jason stared at John open mouthed.

Rachael continued in a sneering tone, “See you ass.  He didn’t have the happy sheltered life.  Wanted out in the worst way.  When he got out, he made his deal with Faust to escape his own little corner of hell.  Sound familiar?”

Jason gawped for a moment and murmured, “I didn’t know.”

John said acidly, “You weren’t supposed to. Unlike Rachael’s, or even your family, my family isn’t the type to be brought up in polite company.”

Jason smirked a little.

John said, “I even include you in that, McNeill.”


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