The Omicron Matter – Aftermath and Resolution – Family Tea


A new entry in The Omicron Matter – Aftermath and Resolution. Mr. Woodson relented and invited Simone to tea. Eleanor recounted what she new of her abduction and attack. Unfortunately, someone on Smith’s team chose that time to attack Simone. Eleanor responded quickly, but Simone is deeply embarrassed.  Mr. Woodson became less resentful of the intrusion in the attacks wake.  Eleanor reveals details of Smith’s group and Millicent’s attack. Woodson doesn’t approve, but Eleanor is firm in her chosen path.

Look for more tomorrow (yes… I really mean it).  And Merry Christmas to all.

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Family Tea

The group walked into the back and up the stairs into the living quarters of the building. Everyone sat around a small table. Isaac served tea to everyone.  Eleanor recounted the abduction and described her brother’s attempt to defend Eleanor against Winifred Stanhope and Alfred. For Thomas, it ended quickly. Eleanor never saw what they did with the body.  Everyone in the room was quiet following the description.

In the quiet tinkling of tea cups and spoons that followed, Simone gasped and grabbed her throat and looked desperately at Eleanor.  Eleanor whipped the control device out of her purse and pressed a button. Simone relaxed for a moment and then tensed and moaned again. Eleanor hissed, “Bastard” and pressed the button on her control again. Simone relaxed, she flushed and her eyes glazed. The Woodson men stared at the two women.

Finally Wallace asked, “What just happened?”

Eleanor knelt beside Simone and helped her up into a chair.  She shook her head and whispered, “I begin to admire Millicent’s abilities at prevarication.” With Simone in a chair, Eleanor straightened and said more loudly, “Simone’s time with Smith was more complicated and more severe. She suffers from seizures as a consequence. This device, “ she waved the control around the room before she returned it to her purse beyond prying eyes, “counters those seizures if I act quickly. That was one reason I insisted on her joining us.”

Mr. Woodson looked at the slowly recovering Simone as she fanned herself and said, “I understand better.”

Simone sat up in the chair and said in a shaky voice, “That was most embarrassing.” Eleanor put her hand on Simone’s shoulder and Simone covered it with hers. “I fear I am quite dependent on that little device of hers for the moment.”

Mr. Woodson looked uncomfortable, “I didn’t realize…I…I apologize for my earlier bullheadedness.”

Simone smiled back and said, “I understand Mr. Woodson. You have Eleanor back, but you lost Thomas. Any family needs to grieve loss. And I am new and thus an intruder.  I am most sorry for your loss. I have a brother and I love him dearly. I appreciate your indulgence of me and my …condition.” She squeezed Eleanor’s hand as she said the last word.

The conversation moved to more mundane topics. Eleanor asked about Millicent’s order. The frames were made but had been waiting for her designs on the doors.  Eleanor would get those to him shortly. Eleanor said, “I think you can expect an order for additional wardrobes. Probably three if I am counting heads correctly. “ She considered for a moment and then added, “I may provide a new design for one of the wardrobes.”

Mr. Woodson raised his eye in question. Eleanor answered, “One of our friends was severely injured over my rescue and she may never walk again. A tall wardrobe would be a challenge for someone confined to a wheelchair.”

Woodson looked shocked and set his cup down and sat back, “Miss Morgaine said nothing of that.”

Eleanor sighed and said, “I am not surprised. She is taking the woman’s injury quite hard.   She blames herself for Thomas’s death as well.  Another woman in the party has been badly disfigured.”

Woodson stormed, “Who is this scoundrel  that took you? Why hasn’t he been arrested? Is he answerable to no one?”

Eleanor’s eyes narrowed and she put her hands behind her back she said quietly, “He and others will answer to me.”

Woodson smiled and said, “Vigilantism hardly suits you Eleanor. Let the authorities handle these things.”

Eleanor said simply, “Father that is the problem. Our authorities cannot or will not catch him. Millicent can and will.” She paused and took a deep breath and looked at the table away from Mr. Woodson and said firmly, “And I intend to help her.”

Woodson stood up and shouted, “No daughter of mine will be involved in such matters. I forbid it.”

Eleanor moved towards him saying almost as loudly, “Your daughter has already been involved in ‘such matters’.  I was a victim. I will not be helpless again. When he and I meet again, I will be the one dispensing punishment.”


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