The Omicron Matter – Aftermath and Resolution – Meeting the Family


Another entry in The Omicron Matter – Aftermath and Resolution. Eleanor has entered the store with Simone and the reunion is at one joyous and sad. Eleanor introduces Simone to the rest of her family. Eleanor’s father is polite but expect Eleanor to obey as before. Too much has changed and is changing for her agree to that anymore.

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Meeting Family

Eleanor walked into the front office and the familiar bell tinkled announcing her arrival. Her younger brother looked up from the front desk, took her in and then shouted, “Eleanor’s back” and ran to hug her.  Eleanor was soon enveloped in the arms of Wallace, her grandfather, and other family and she started crying. For a moment the hugs stopped and arms slipped away and her brothers, uncles and grandfather stepped aside.

Her father stood in the door back to the workshop, “Eleanor?”

She said with a crack in her voice, “I’m safe now, father.”

The tall black man enveloped her in his arms and said, “The two of you just disappeared. There was nothing. No notes. No messages.” He held her head. “I talked to the police but they said there was nothing they could do. I’ve naught felt so helpless.”

Eleanor said into his shoulder, “I was so scared.”

Her father continued, “Then that Morgaine woman came yesterday and told me what had happened. What happened to Thomas and to you.”

Eleanor said, “I’m back and now I am safe.” She pushed herself away and said, “might we have a cup of tea. There is a lot to talk about.” She wiped her eyes.

Her father smiled warmly, “Of course child. Isaac, get kettle on the boil and put a sign on the door.”

Eleanor sighed in relief, “Thank you. Father, this is Simone Campbell. She was a fellow student and she was …trapped with me.”

Eleanor’s father bowed and said, “Hello Miss Campbell. We are grateful you are safe as well. I appreciate your delivery of Eleanor. Now I am sure your family would like to see you as we are to speak with Eleanor.”

Simone looked stricken and she turned her eyes wide to Eleanor. Eleanor pushed herself back towards Simone and put her arm protectively around Simone and said, “I said there is much to be discussed.  Simone will be joining us. When we talk, she may have things to add to the conversation.”

Her father protested, “Eleanor, this is family time now. We need time to mourn together. We don’t need guests to see that. ”

Eleanor held Simone closer. She could feel the tenseness in Simone as the argument grew heated.  Eleanor put her chin out and said, “Yes, it is family time.  And she will join us as my family. I would not have survived without her. And she needs me now.”

Her father put his hands behind his back and leaned forward and said in a soothing tone, “I know you have been …traumatized and may not be thinking clearly, but Simone should see her folk and we need our own time.”

Eleanor dropped her arm around Simone and said, “Perhaps you are right.” She then took Simone’s arm and turned her around to the door. Simone’s eyes got wide and she stumbled as Eleanor moved quickly to the door saying, “Simone and I will be visiting her parents and perhaps we will stop here on the way back to Millicent’s …flat.”

The older man’s shoulders fell and he reached out as Eleanor’s hand touched the door knob and said, “Wait. Stay, please Eleanor. Stay. Miss Campbell, will you join us in some tea?”

Eleanor turned around and spoke for Simone, who was wringing her hands at the distress, “She will be delighted.”

Simone hissed in Eleanor’s ear, “Don’t know about that.”

Eleanor hissed back, “Don’t care. Won my first fight with Pater. “ Eleanor said through a clinched smile, “Enjoy the tea.”



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