Felicity’s Journal – Rachael


December 17, 1862

I am feeling better. The grafts are itching less and I do not have to go through that horrid “cutting and cleansing” anymore. Millicent and Charles are both warning me that changing the grafts will be uncomfortable, but I am grateful that I have only needed one pain pill today.

You should probably get to know some of the people on Millicent’s team. I’ll start with Rachael Weiz. She was the first person who really talked to me and spent time getting to know me. She encouraged me to write and she has suggested that I help organize everyone else. Those thoughts helped me a lot when we first got together. It is hard not to be intimidated by all these smart people who went to University. At times I am not sure they are speaking English and yet everyone but me seems to follow the conversation. She comes from Stepney and has quite the Cockney accent. She is Jewish and that is where most Jews in England are these days. We outlawed being Jewish until few years ago and I am rather embarrassed about that.  Her father and uncle taught her to read and took her to her Synagogue to study so she can be a great debater. She and John seemed to delight in arguing over the silliest things such as the Mind and Body are separate. She spends time on “The Holidays” – (Hanukah is starting tomorrow and we are all getting potato pancakes and other good food). Rachael is simply amazing with her hands and how she builds things. With the tools and microscopes in the labs, she has been able to make some amazing tiny dolls which dance. She says she is going to add them to the doorbell at her fathers. Rachael is also learning to get around in a wheel chair. She was paralyzed in the fight in the basement. Millicent said she may never get better. Rachael seems to be holding up, but I wonder. She never asked for help before and now she needs help doing just about anything because nothing is in reach. (Charles and Millicent said they will try to fix that as much as they can). Neither she nor I have gone outside yet. I think we are both a bit scared.

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