The Omicron Matter – A Father’s Anguish – Tea in the Galley


A new entry in The Omicron Matter – A Father’s Anguish. Liam and Millicent have left Mordechai and Rachael to talk.  They had upstairs to the galley where Liam and Millicent talk. Was it right to bring Mordechai? What will happen to Rachael?  Mostly they are marking time until Millicent has to talk with Rachael’s father at length.

Look for more on Thursday. Felicity will have another journal tomorrow though.

In the Galley with Liam

Millicent said, “Some tea might be good at this point. It is almost morning anyway.”

Liam said with a crook in his mouth, “Sure you don’t want something stronger?”

Millicent said sadly, “I had that earlier. Tea and company is better now.” The two headed up to the galley. Millicent busied herself with the tea preparation.  As the Assam blend of smoke and spices filled the room, she closed her eyes and said, “Thank you for talking to him first.”

Liam poured himself a cup and mixed the milk and sugar in. He said, “Still angry with me bringing him?”

Millicent opened her eyes and prepared her own cup and said, “I might be but Charles agrees with you. It seems he has more experience with situations like this. It also seems that there are subroutines that let him ignore me.”

Liam sipped his tea. “Charlie knows these things.  Once we told Rachael’s father, there was no choice.”

Millicent said, “He’s here. We will figure out something. I won’t ask how he took your news. Do I need to wear body armor when I see him next?”

Liam sighed and set his cup down, “We tried to explain what happened, but there are no good words. Maybe Rachael talking to him will help. What is going to happen to her?”

Millicent closed her eyes and inhaled the tea aroma and said,” She learns to live without her legs.”

Liam waved his hands around and said, “All this…magic and you can’t fix her?”

Millicent put her cup down and said quietly, “No, I can’t. I might know someone who can try, but this is bad. It could have been worse, much worse but this is bad enough.”

Liam leaned back and said, “Worse? How?”

“She could have not have her arms or she could need a breathing machine or she could be dead. I won’t say that to Mr. Weiz. But if this injury had happened on Eleanor Woodson’s factory floor, IF Rachael would have survived and I say if, she would have starved. Rachael will survive and she will NOT starve.”


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