The Omicron Matter – A Father’s Anguish – Back inside the ship.


A new entry in “The Omicron Matter”  – A Father’s Anguish. Millicent has met Mordechai and has led him to the door. When Mordechai sees Rachael, he is shocked by all the machinery that is attached to her. Rachael has enough sense to let him know she is better in the ship than in a hospital in London in 1862.  Liam removes Millicent to let the two talk.

Look for more tomorrow.

Back Inside the Ship

Outside the medical bay door Millicent explained, “Rachael has a severe spine injury. We made her immobile to prevent further injury and to assist in healing.” She paused and then looked directly in to Mordecai’s eyes and said, “but she may never walk again.”

Mordechai looked back with a long face and a low voice said, “They said as much.”

Millicent said, “I am sorry. I not sure what to say.”

Mordecai said simply, “Let me see my daughter.”

The doors opened to show Rachael on the table.  Straps held her down. A frame immobilized her head. Bottles of liquid drained into her veins. A mask covered her face. Strange machines surrounded her that flashed lights and beeped in strange alien tones.

Mordechai gasped, “What have you done to her?”

A feeble voice came from the table, “Daddy?”

Mordecai rushed to his daughter’s side.  Millicent felt relief as his focus was now on his daughter.

Mordechai blurted out, “Oh Rachael. What happened?”

Rachael whispered, “We rescued Eleanor. In the mix up, someone pushed me and I fell. I fell bad.” Tears filled her eyes.

Mordecai stroked her hair through the frame and said, “We’ll get you to a real doctor honey…out of here.”

Rachael laughed weakly and then coughed and said, “I don’t think any hospital in England is better than this place…”

Liam touched Millicent’s arm and he guided her out of the room. John nodded as the two passed and then he moved to supply a stool for the old man as he talked to his daughter.

In the hall, Liam said, “The man needs some time with his daughter. John can tell if something is wrong.” The lights flashed red in an angry pattern.

Millicent smiled faintly, “Don’t be offended, Charles. It is a good cover and one less thing to explain.”

Liam said, “So we should find a place to wait while they talk.”

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