The Omicron Matter – A Father’s Anguish – At the Warehouse Door


Another entry in the Omicron Matter – A Father’s Anguish. Millicent meets Mordechai Weiz at the warehouse door. Liam O’Hannigan and John O’Malley are there with them and they have explain matters as best they can. Millicent, against her instincts will guide Mordechai to his daughter.

Look for more tomorrow.

At the Warehouse door

She moved to the sink and splashed her face and dried off. Her leathers were covered in dust and had burn marks. She smelled bad from working with the crew who were in the sewer. Her hair was unkempt. She tried to straighten it. Eventually she pulled it into a pony tail and headed out of the ship and to the warehouse door.

She straightened herself before the door and had Charles turn off lights. She opened the door. Liam and John stood on either side of the much shorter Mordechai Weiz. The small grizzled man held his hat. His eyes were red and rimmed with circles. He kneaded the hat as he looked up at Millicent and said quietly, “Where is Rachael?”

Millicent replied as calmly as she could, “Resting comfortably. Or as comfortably as possible. Her injury is serious.”

He waved the comment away, “They told me all that. You and I will talk later Miss Morgaine. Now, I see my daughter.”

Millicent closed her eyes trying to focus away from the hurt in the words, “Liam, what have you told Mr. Weiz about this place?”

John answered for him, “That there are things here are beyond imagination and those things shouldn’t be discussed with others. “

Weiz said sharply, “Yes. Yes… they told me to expect strange things.  Let me see Rachael.”

Millicent sighed deeply and said, “You are right Mr. Weiz. I’ll take you to her. Please follow me. Charles, path lighting only. Guest mode.”  When the men entered the warehouse the ship opening was illuminated as well as a path to the ship, but little else of the warehouse or its contents could be seen.  Mordecai’s eyes got wide as they approached the ship and outlines became visible, but he said nothing.


© 3355m | Dreamstime.comSteampunk Typewriter. Photo


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