The Omicron Matter – A Father’s Anguish – Millicent In The Ship


The First Entry in The Omicron Matter – A Father’s Anguish.  It is a day after the rescue of Eleanor and Simone. Mordechai Weiz has come to see his daughter. Millicent knew she would have to face him, but, for once, she doesn’t have the right words.

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For a list of characters and a summary of the plot see “The Omicron Matter” home page.  Also feel free to “friend” me at my Facebook page.

Millicent In the Ship

It was the hours long before dawn and yet still called morning as Millicent sat in the galley alone holding her head staring at the table. A bowl of fruit, the last of the season, was in front of her untouched.  Rest eluded her and she thought a bit of food might distract her. It wasn’t working.

Charles voice intruded, “We have a guest.”

Millicent didn’t look up and said, “We don’t accept guests. Send them away. Non-lethal means.”

Charles said patiently, “It is John and Liam with Rachael’s father.”

Millicent’s gut churned. She was not ready for this. Nobody saw her ship unless they signed. Only that wasn’t true anymore. Rachael had. Liam had. Her head came up but her eyes were closed and her fists clenched, “Dammit, what were those idiots thinking?”

Charles said in a smooth tone, “That a daughter is hurt and her father wants to see her. Millicent, this is what happens.”

Millicent snapped at Charles, “I do not need this right now. Send them away.”

There was a pause and then Charles said simply, “No.”

Millicent stood up and said sharply, “What?”

Charles explained, “I will not send them away.  You can do that, but I won’t.  I don’t know what they’ve said, but it IS his daughter. You tell him he can’t see her.  I will not.”

Millicent paced around the room, “What do I tell him about you?”

Charles replied, “You should worry what you will say about his daughter.”

Millicent stopped and closed her eyes and said, “I’m not ready for this.”

Charles said quietly, “No one ever is. No one should be. Liam and John will have said the right things. Mr. Weiz  will be angry. He will be upset. But he will want to see her. If he even notices the ship, it won’t matter.”

Millicent delayed, “I am a mess. I haven’t showered. I haven’t changed.”

Charles said, “Millicent, that may be better.  Wash your face and let them in.  I will inform them you will be down shortly. “

Millicent cried out, “No you don’t you electronic bastard.” But there was only silence in response.  She had never had to do this before. People were hurt and even died while on contract, but by then family relations had been broken off. She had never had to tell a parent, “I’m sorry, your child will never walk again. Bad slip. What happened? I sent her into this brawl and you know how things happen…” There was no training in the Guild to cover this.

Authors Note:

Felicity Rand is recovering from her graft surgery and sends her regrets. Charles has her on strict rest and a lot of pain killers so she won’t be able to write for a day or two more. I have several entries that I will be getting up on a nearly daily basis. I have decided to take one day off a week so I don’t feel like this becomes too much of a burden.

The book opens and Millicent is much more vulnerable than she was in “The Recruiting Matter”.  People have been hurt and even died because of her presence. It isn’t clear she has the support she used to in the Guild.  And for the first time, she has to face a loved one and tell that person his daughter won’t walk because of her presence and actions.


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