New Story Starting – The Omicron Matter


The Finder’s Saga starts its next entry – The Omicron Matter

The story starts a day after Millicent’s crew has rescued Eleanor from John Smith. But the cost of that rescue was dear.  Jason and John have minor injuries. Felicity’s face has been horribly burned by acid thrown by Neville Carter-Fraser in the basement brawl.  And Rachael’s spine has been injured and she cannot move her legs.  John Smith informed Millicent that Guild has shifted and her sponsor cannot protect her or Earth anymore.  Millicent is no longer as confident as she used to be.

How will the team recover and what will they do? Eleanor is back and Simone has joined Millicent’s band of contractors.  The secret to making the mysterious Omicron seems buried in Sean McNeil’s notebooks. Can Jason and Rachael figure it out? Smith wants access to information about the Omicron. Will Millicent be able to bargain with Smith and what will it cost her and the team to make such a deal?  Ultimately, Millicent knows she needs to go before the Guild Council. She needs to know if she has its support or if Earth is no longer hers to protect.  Millicent and her team will be making a journey of time, distance and spirit from the heart of London to the far reaches of the Galaxy.

Author’s Note

Felicity Rand sends her apologies. Millicent and Charles will be installing the artificial graft on her face today and she won’t be able to write for the next couple of days.  Since Felicity is “out of pocket”, I will be taking the opportunity to get the first chapter up over the next couple of days.  Things are looking good. I have the main plot line worked out and key points of interest. I have been updating my character guide and setting guide a bit as well.  As always, comments are welcomed, appreciated and nearly always paid attention to.

Thanks for your support.

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