Felicity’s Journal – A day in the life…


Journal December 10, 1865

Just write Charles and Millicent say… just write…you will feel better.

I wake up and have breakfast in the galley. Michael is always there to make my breakfast. Jason has usually finished and is doing his exercises.  Eleanor and Simone are sometimes there. They don’t sleep very well at times, but that is understandable.  Rachael is still confined to her stretcher so we don’t see her. Charles and Millicent say she can start “rehabilitation” in a week or two.  John usually brings her breakfast. I try to stop by and talk for a bit in the morning. She seems to be doing a lot of reading when no one is in the room.  Everyone, including me, has to do physical exercise in the morning and night.  We run; we lift weights; and Millicent teaches us to fight or defend ourselves. I don’t have to do much right now because of my injury, but Millicent said that will change.  Millicent reminds us that we were lucky to catch Smith and his gang unprepared and we need to be ready for the next time because they will be.

After exercises, which go on for a couple of hours, everyone seems to have tasks. Jason moves Rachael to the environment lab and they work on the books from his parents.  Millicent explained a remarkable way of keeping track of information and the two of them spend several hours reading the books, writing on cards and then cutting holes in the cards.  It seems the holes help organize the information on the cards.  John, Eleanor, Simone and Michael spend time in the science lab. Simone is trying to understand that dreadful collar of hers and how it works.  Michael is testing the limits of some of the strange materials Millicent has shown him. Eleanor and John have started a new flying machine. John is designing the engine while Eleanor works on the aerodynamics.  Liam tends to his taxi, delivers messages and has been shuttling poor Mr. Weiz back and forth so he can see his daughter Rachael.

Me, well I head to the medical lab where Charles and Millicent treat me. I get injections. Dear God, I hadn’t had an injection ever until three weeks ago and now I seem to get two or three a day.  They change the bandages. The first few days were really awful because they had to keep removing skin that had died. Then they would treat it with liquid that stung horribly. That still happens, but not as much.  After a treatment, they give me something for the pain and I just stay in the medical room and rest. I’ve told Charles and Millicent not to tell Michael how much it hurts. I think he knows anyway.  Charles has said that they should be able to cover it with am artificial graft in a day or two and that the rinsing would stop.  When I am awake, Rachael has taken to reading to me if I am hurting and I am returning the favor when I am lucid. We are reading Jane Eyre although it seems a little too like real life for me. But we talk about being in the service or life in the country or even about the Bronte sisters.

It’s not all work and exercise and treatments.  The group has taken to meeting in the environment lab with drinks and snacks which gives Charles fits.  I don’t think the head maid at the Barrow House was nearly so fussy and that says a great deal.  Rachael is stuck in her bed and Charles insists a regular chair be moved in and I sit where I can’t be jostled.  I can’t drink anything but water or tea yet, but the snacks taste good. And Charles is supplying music for the gathering. I am hoping will be able to have a proper sherry by Christmas Eve.

Charles says there are people out there who are reading this. I don’t know how that happens, but I would love to answer questions if people have them.

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