Felicity’s Journal – Introduction


December 9, 1865

My name is Felicity Rand. Millicent Morgaine gave me this journal about a week ago and told me to start writing.  She and Charles have been bothering me about it daily since so I will start.  About a month ago, I agreed to be a contractor for Millicent Morgaine when my fiancé got recruited Millicent. At the time she said I would probably help the others on the team and write a bit.  But then things went crazy and we rescued Eleanor and Simone from John Smith.  I got hurt when we did that. I’ve talked a bit with Eleanor and Simone in the last couple of weeks. Even though my face hurts and I look horrid now, I think I would do it again.

Anyway, I guess I will write about some of the strange things I have seen and the people I meet.  Would you believe that I am staying on a ship that is alive and helps me with decorating the room? Or that there is a special cloth that can stop bullets? Or that there are tiny machines in my body that are somehow fixing my ugly face.  (She is NOT ugly M.R.) (Michael is being nice F.R)  I can also write about the amazing people around me.  Civilized and urbane John O’Malley; Cockney funny Liam O’Hannigan – taxi driver and anything else he has to be. Jason –tall, strong,  science smart and people dumb; Eleanor –tall, dark, incredibly stalwart and incredibly kind; Simone – so quiet and brave; Rachael – friendly, caring and can make anything but her legs work;  Charles – how can a machine be so wise and funny?; and Millicent – mysterious, smart, and knows everything.  And I suppose I should write something about my amazing, intelligent, handsome and a bit stubborn soon to be husband – Michael.

Charles tells me others can read an entry if I want. They can respond too. I wonder what others want me to write about.

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