The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor – Conclusion

Another entry in The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor. Having dealt with Felicity as best she can, Millicent now turns her attention to Rachael. Things don’t look good – Rachael almost certainly has a spinal injury and paralysis. The group manages to get Rachael immobilized when Michael reports that he found three strange devices in the house in key locations. With Rachael secured Millicent orders everyone out of the house. Outside, Millicent gathers up the injured Jason and chastises him for creating a fight he couldn’t win. But outside, the team is vulnerable. Can they make it back to the ship?

This finishes “Mission to Save Eleanor”. Look for the final chapter of the Recruiting Matter tomorrow.

“Mission to Save Eleanor” was 12,000 words. I appreciate all who have been following along. Tomorrow will be the concluding chapter of “The Recruiting Matter”

Millicent – in the house (part 2)

Millicent knelt by Rachael’s. Rachael’s voice cracked as she said, “I fell and then I couldn’t feel anything and it’s hard to breathe.”

Millicent said as calmly as she could, “I need to see what happened. Look at John and then when I tell you to move something just move it a little. Don’t nod. Just blink your eyes or say yes or no.”

Rachael said, “I’m scared.”

Millicent said, “I know you are. Move your right hand.” Rachael’s fingers moved in a light tattoo on the ground. Millicent said, “Good, now move your left.” The fingers moved slightly.  Millicent said, “Turn your left ankle a bit.” There was no movement. Millicent tried to keep her face calm and said, “Now turn your right ankle.” There was still no movement. Millicent stroked Rachael’s hair and said, “We need to get you back to the ship. I can check better there. Try to stay as still as possible. We are going to strap you down so that things don’t get worse. Do you understand?” Rachael said yes.  Her eyes blinked and tears appeared.  Millicent brushed them away, “You are going have to be braver than you anyone you have ever known.”

Millicent stood up and pointed to the now disassembled examination table.  “We need to lift her onto that. But we need to keep her spine straight as possible. Liam and John get by her hips. I will hold her head. Eleanor and Simone, get her legs.” She looked around the room and found straps and ropes. Millicent said, “Tie her legs together. Liam, help me slip this strap under her to strap her arms down.”

Rachael cried out, “I’m scared.”

Millicent called out, “Felicity, Rachael needs your help.”

Felicity came over and knelt beside Rachael. The large wadded smock covered half her face.

Millicent directed, “Felicity, just hold her hand for the moment and …well…you can guess.” Felicity nodded weakly and held Rachael’s hand gently while the other five worked the straps in place.  With everybody in place, Millicent and Felicity held Rachael’s head while everyone else lifted and moved the body onto the examination table. The straps on it were quickly tied down to hold Rachael in place.

Michael came to the top of the stairs and said, “There were boxes  in three spots.”

Millicent commanded, “Move, Now. John and Liam on the back. I will take the front. Michael and Felicity, take the rear. Everyone move. Let’s hope Jason is in one piece.”

Michael waited for Felicity as the make shift stretcher went first.  The door wasn’t quite wide enough for the turn. Millicent lifted her end with ease and maneuvered the front end around. Liam and John groaned as weight shifted in odd ways.  John had to lift with one arm, but seemed to manage.  Someone had splinted his broken arm while she was tending Rachael.  Michael stopped and grabbed Millicent’s satchel at the top of the stairs and everyone headed for the back landing.

Outside, Jason was in a pile at the base of the back stairs. Millicent swore under her breath. Then said, “Keep moving. Get to the street. Gather Jason and pull him with us. As the group made it to the middle of the street, the building collapsed.  Millicent watched and whispered, “Very sporting, John Smith. Very sporting. Maybe we can work together.”  The makeshift stretcher was set down. John knelt on one side and Felicity knelt on the other side holding Rachael’s hands.

Millicent looked over Jason and said, “Young idiot. You aren’t invincible…yet. “

Jason mumbled through a swollen mouth, “Beat Findley. Beat Alfred. Smith…not human.”

Millicent said harshly but with kind eyes, “That is why you are an idiot. He isn’t human.” She looked at his eyes and said, “You probably have a concussion.  The nanotechnology will hold you together until we get you back to the ship. Stand up if you can.” Jason stood but was wobbly. Millicent had Eleanor and Simone steady him.  She started the group moving again.

As they moved north west towards Lisson Grove Road, Millicent pressed a button and contacted the ship. “Charles – status”

Charles reported, “Camille’s drones have found me. And are shooting up the place. Camille is in the Royal Botanical Garden.”

“Can you contact Camille?”

“Maybe. She won’t listen…”

“Tell her to pass a message to Smith.  First, thank him for letting us out before he collapsed the building. Second, let him know I may have plans for the Omicron. “

Charles said, “Contacting”. After a moment, he said, “Camille is angry, but Smith has ordered her to stop shooting. He wants to talk directly.”

Millicent said, “This will work better through you and Camille.  Next message,” She paused and looked around at her group. Michael was holding Felicity. Eleanor and Simone in their light shifts were propping up Jason. John was sitting beside Rachael who was tied up in a stretcher.   She looked away and up into the stars and said, “I may have plans for the Omicron. I am willing to share licensing fees, but I will have conditions.”

After a moment, Charles said, “Smith wants proof.”

“Sean McNeill left his notebooks for Jason. Tell Smith we both have injured that need tending. Both of us need to regroup. He needs contractors.  I need materials. We can talk later. He can set the location.”

“He wants more. “

Millicent sighed. “I will leave his notebook at Lord’s Cricket Field if he lets you send a shuttle unaccosted.  Otherwise, I will have you move and I will authorize full battle engagement. Blind Camille’s drones after you send the message.”

Charles replied, “Sent… Millicent?”

Millicent cut him off, “Open the roof and arm in such a fashion that Camille will detect it.”

Charles said, “Complying…Millicent if we engage in battle here…”

Millicent said in a harsh voice, “The west end of London will be slag. Are your weapons powered?”

Charles said, “Induction coils live. Energy weapons warming up.”

Millicent said, “Open roof”

Charles protested, “Millicent, our location…”

Millicent snapped, “will be known. If we survive, there will be a lot of abandoned buildings – open the damn roof and prepare a shuttle to meet me at the Lords Cricket Field. I have one person critical, but stable and two with serious injuries.”

Charles said, “Opening roof…message from Smith. He will be in contact with you about a meeting.”

Millicent said with relief, “Send the shuttle and close the roof. Stand down the weapons and withdrawal your drones to a one block radius.  Tell Camille she needs to work on anger management.”

Charles said, “Shuttle will be at the field in 2 minutes.”

Millicent said, “Tell Smith his notebook will be between the north east creases of the cricket pitch at Lords Cricket Grounds.” She lifted her end of the makeshift stretcher and shouted in a tired voice, “Come along people. We are returning to the ship.”


For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story. Thanks for your support.


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