The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor – Millicent in the house (Part 1)

A new entry  in The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor. Millicent goes down to the basement and is shocked at how bad things are. Felicity is being rinsed for acid burns. Rachael is immobile from a spine injury.  John has a broken arm but is managing.  Others are managing to tend to the others, but have their own shock to deal with.  Rachael is being tended, so Millicent starts working with Felicity. Millicent send Michael to search the house for booby traps. The burns on Felicity are very bad. Millicent continues the rinsing and then applies a smock as a gauze. Now she moves to deal with Rachael.

Look for more tomorrow.

Only two days left to the final chapter.

Millicent – in the house (part 1)

Millicent watched as Smith exited to the back. She could hear Jason shouting at Smith. Millicent got on the com line and said, “Jason stop. Let them go.” She could still hear Jason arguing. There was no time for this. He needed to pay attention. She pleaded, “Jason, we have Eleanor. Rachael and Felicity are hurt. Let him go.” Jason ignored her pleas. At this point, she hoped Smith would not damage him too much or do something more irrational.  Liam’s call for help was the priority. Eleanor was down there as were most of her contractors.  She hurried down the hall and turned left at the basement stairs.

She looked at the chaos and gasped.  Michael was rinsing Felicity’s head. She couldn’t see the extent of the burn, but Michael’s tenseness and Felicity’s whimpering meant it was bad. Eleanor had found some reserves Millicent could not fathom and was directing Liam and a tormented John O’Malley into disassembling the examination table for Rachael. Simone Campbell was holding Rachael still. Rachael’s face was heartbreaking. Millicent went to Eleanor who was wearing Michael’s coat.

Millicent asked, “Keeping Rachael immobile is the right thing to do. How did you know?”

Eleanor replied, “My family runs a factory flow with large and heavy objects.” She sighed for a moment, “I’ve seen this too often. At least the straps on the table will do something good.”  There were tears in her eyes as she said that.

Millicent asked, “How are you managing?”

Eleanor said, “I’m not sure. Whatever was in that shot is blocking a lot.” She pointed to a space by Rachael and said to Liam and John, “Get that damn table next her.”

Millicent said, “Hold up a bit longer and manage Liam and John. I need to look at Felicity and I need help from Michael.” Eleanor nodded and Millicent headed to the sink.

She touched Michael on the shoulder, “Michael, let me see.”

Michael snarled, “I will kill him. Slowly. Painfully.”

Millicent snapped back, “You will have assistance. Let me see, Felicity.”

Millicent took a look. Large angry blisters were rising on Felicity’s face and neck.  She could see blood and ooze seeping up even with all the water. Felicity whimpered, “Oh it hurts Millicent. It hurts.”

Millicent said as calmly as she could, “Felicity, I need you to be strong right now. He missed your eyes, but you’ve been badly burned. I am going to help you out of your jacket and shirt in a moment. We need to rinse more. When we are back at the ship, I’ll give you something for the pain.” She turned to Michael, “Mr. Richards I need you to focus.”

Michael responded, “Will she be alright?”

Millicent said harsher than she would have liked, “She will live, but it will be very hard for the next few months. I need you here, now. We may be in danger.”

Michael pleaded, “She’s going to be ok?”

Felicity said from the sink, “Michael, listen to her, please.”

Michael covered his face with his hands and then looked at Millicent, “Alright, we are in danger. What do I do?”

Millicent looked at him and said, “Think where you would plant explosives if you were to blow up this building. Look for anything in those places that looks strange. If you find something tell me through Charles and get out through the back.”

Michael looked at Felicity. Millicent pulled his face back to hers and said, “I will help her. Go we need to know.” Michael left glancing one more time over his should before Felicity shooed him on.

Millicent placed Felicity’s head under the water gently and started pumping again. She said, “That was very brave of you.” Millicent eased the jacket off and Felicity’s shirt off and rinsed her upper torso. The burns weren’t as bad on her neck, arms and hands, but they were there. The initial water hurt and then the pain slowed dulled.  After a more pumps, she told Felicity to sit up. Millicent found two smocks. She wet one and put it on Felicity’s face and said, “Hold that there. I need to attend Rachael now.” Felicity nodded vaguely and Millicent went over to Rachael.


For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story. Thanks for your support.


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