The Recruiting Matter exceeds 1000 views

“You Like me. Your Really Like Me.”  – Sally Field, Oscars 1985

“Almost everyone is overconfident, except the people who are depressed, and they tend to be realists.” ~ Joseph T. Hallinan

The Finder’s Saga page has clocked over 1000 views. Since I don’t have nearly that many friends or relatives, I can only assume that someone actually came back to my page more than once. (In my software consulting working, I might suggest a web caching issue).  A couple of days ago I got 200 likes.  That was also a cool moment, as I couldn’t possibly click that often.

I am setting up a Facebook page to increase publicity. To be perfectly honest, there is not much to see there now. But I am planning more!  It also gives me a way to post to a Facebook page without interfering with my political rants and raves about meals and avoid accusations of my friends and relatives of “spamming” them.

Thanks as always for your support.

© Dervish36 | Dreamstime.comCartoon Gentleman Against The Background Of The City Photo


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