The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor – Michael in the Basement

A new entry in The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor. Michael has been watching what is going on in the basement. But Neville acts and hurts Felicity and Michael finds rage can spur one heartily.  As he helps Felicity at the sink, he begins to see how badly the team is hurt: in addition to Felicity, John’s arm is hurt, and Rachael is down and not moving. Eleanor has taken charge with reserves he can’t imagine. To make matters worse, Smith arrives and demands his due.  Liam and John are challenging that as best they can.

Look for more tomorrow.

Michael – in the basement

Felicity stood up holding her bloody prize.  John eased up on the screaming Winifred Stanhope.  Michael felt a mixture of horror and pride as Felicity held the hand high and shouted, “I’ve got it Miss Woodson”

Eleanor shouted with relief in her voice, “Give it to me, quickly.”

Felicity tossed the bloody object to Eleanor.  While this was going on, Neville Carter-Fraser had been lurking towards the reagent cabinet. As Felicity tossed the hand, Neville splashed a beaker at Felicity. Michael’s pride changed to anger and fear as Felicity screamed out and tried to brush off her face. Michael screamed and tackled Neville Carter-Fraser with a strength he didn’t know he had.  Michael pounded a squealing Carter-Fraser about the face and head until he heard Eleanor shout, “Michael, help your girl. Now, you idiot. Get water on her face, quickly. Wash it off.”

Michael woke up and moved quickly to the screaming, crying Felicity, “Felicity, Oh God Felicity.”

Felicity tried to hold her hands which hurt now too and cried, “Michael, it hurts. Oh, it hurts.”

Eleanor shouted again, “Water, there’s a pump in the sink. Use it now.”

Michael drug Felicity to the sink and held her head under the pump as he worked the handle. The first bit was red with rust, but he held Felicity under while he pumped it and it began to clear. Felicity’s screams grew louder at first and she struggled saying it hurt more. But Eleanor pointed fiercely to keep Felicity under the pump. Eventually the screams reduced to whimpers.

As he was doing this, he watched a man in a long black coat bat John O’Malley off Winifred Stanhope with shocking ease. John landed sprawling but popped back up holding his arm. Michael could see it was Smith now. Winifred looked up at Smith with a combination of fear and anger. Smith held her arm with the stump and shouted, “Who did this?” Winifred said through clinched teeth, “That bitch at the sink. Neville splashed her with a bit of aqua regia, I think.” Smith stood up and looked at the sink. Liam and John stepped between Smith and Michael and Felicity. As big as those men were, the barrier still felt insubstantial.

Liam growled, “It aint Queenbury rules anymore Smith. Ya might be fast, but Little John and I have played around a bit.”

Michael watched Smith survey the situation as he pumped water. Smith smiled at Liam O’Hannigan and said, “You’re right, O’Hannigan it ain’t Queensbury anymore. I could take you out, but O’Malley might  brain me while you die.  Truce then. I get mine. You get yours. Hand over Simone and I leave with Winifred and Neville.”

Eleanor screamed, “She stays with me, you monster.”

Smith grinned darkly, “She comes or she dies.”  He pressed a button and Simone screamed.  Eleanor pressed her own button and Simone’s body eased.  Smith looked frustrated and pressed again.  Eleanor responded. Simone’s body twitched left and right as the devices dueled.  Liam and John moved closer to Smith who backed away.

Finally Smith growled, “Fine, keep her.  She’ll die eventually. You can’t keep that up forever. Neville, stand up. Help me with Winifred. We’re leaving.”  He lifted Winifred and started up the stairs.

Michael turned to Felicity, “Felicity, dearest. Talk to me.”

Felicity gasped under the water, “Stings, hurts. But it’s better.”

Michael looked at her face. Large blisters were growing along the side of her face and down her neck.  He heard Eleanor say, “Keep rinsing Michael. It will help.”

John knelt beside Rachael who was gasping saying, “John, hard to breath. Can’t feel anything.”

Eleanor roared, “Don’t move her. Don’t touch her. She’s got a spine injury.” Simone  shuddered and swayed as she got herself under control from the dueling sensations. “Oh feel dizzy.” Eleanor eased her up to sitting and then said to John,  “Find  a stretcher. We need to strap her down.”

Liam looked at the laboratory beds and then shook John who winced at the movement, “John, John! Help get this thing off. Now boy. Now!”


For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story. Thanks for your support.


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