The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor – John in The Basement of Smith’s House

An entry in The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor. John has stepped in basement and is taking the chaos. When he sees the injured Rachael Weiz, he crashes into the mix like a smartly hit cue ball into racked billiards.  The tide shifts with his tackle.

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John – in the basement

John stepped around the backed out digging machine and Michael followed. In the dim and flickering light he could see Eleanor Woodson holding Simone Campbell who looked unconscious. Rachael was on the ground and Liam was protecting her from Winifred Stanhope’s sword. At Winifred’s free arm, Felicity was taking wild swings with her cleaver.  Neville was in a corner of the lab wringing his hands looking useless.  John pointed to Eleanor and signaled to Michael to get Eleanor and Simone out.  Michael nodded. He grabbed a blanket from one of the shelves in the basement and headed in that direction.  John returned his attention to the melee. When he saw Rachael, he could see she seemed to be at an odd angle and she wasn’t moving. John felt his insides turn inside out.  He felt a fury building up against Winifred. The years he spent licking her boots welled up; the remorse at abandoning good people burned his eyes. He lifted the heavy wrench in his hands high and screamed as he shot towards the battle.

Winifred switched from a look of triumph to one of shock as John rushed forward. He swung the heavy wrench downward. Winifred put up her free hand and John felt the bones crunch. Winifred screamed but swung her sword at John’s head. He blocked with his arm and he could feel his own bone crack as well. But the momentum of his massive body tackled her on the stairs.  There was another crunch and he could feel Winifred tense as her shoulder broke or dislocated and her sword dropped. Now trapped, Felicity attacked Winifred’s wrist with a vengeance. With a final whack, Winifred screamed with pain and frustration.  Felicity shouted, “I’ve got the cursed thing Miss Woodson,” and held the bloody hand high.

For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story. Thanks for your support.


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