The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor – Millicent in Front of Smith’s House

Another entry in The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor. Millicent is on the front porch as the two sets of drones fly away. Charles updates Millicent on the situation in the basement which is fluid. Look for more tomorrow.

Millicent – in the front of Smith’s House

Millicent watched Charles’ drones fly away. Camille’s were in hot pursuit. John Smith turned and headed directly into the house. Millicent worked her way toward the front door cautiously.  She pressed a button and said, “Camille is following your drones.” Charles responded quickly in short sentences, “Know that. Liam says they have Eleanor.  Fighting is active. Miss Stanhope is determined.” Millicent changed her cautious approach to a sprint and bounded up the stairs. Halfway up the stairs, the door exploded in splinters and knocked Millicent back to the pavement. She landed and fired her beam weapon blindly into the doorway. She could hear Smith shouting, “Forget the coon queen. Get Neville and Simone out. We’re leaving!”  Another round from the rifle exploded the concrete stairway in front of Millicent. For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story. Thanks for your support.


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