The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor – Jason in back of Smith’s House

Another entry in The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor. Jason has just dispatched Findley Brown, but now Alfred Redman, Winifred’s butler, is at the top of the stairs blocking Jason’s entry. Alfred is more skilled and patient that Findley and keeps up with Jason easily.  When things shift in Jason’s favor, Alfred shows that not all walking sticks are equal. The fight now shifts in Alfred’s favor. Jason ends up down expecting something through his back when a new and unexpected  party enters the fray. Look for more tomorrow

Jason – in back of Smith’s house

Jason took each step in a slow and cautious fashion. Alfred smirked as Jason approached. Alfred held his wood club in a moderately defensive position across his body. Jason moved up the steps. When he was just a step below, Alfred hacked at Jason’s head with surprising speed. Jason blocked it easily and an audible clack sounded through the neighborhood. The stocky man leaned down at Jason pushing him down the stairs. Jason stood up and Alfred hit again. Jason blocked it across his head. This time he felt the shock all the way down his arm.  Jason jumped back further and massaged his shoulder a little. Alfred pressed forward. He swung at Jason’s left side and high. Jason blocked it again but the blow backed into Jason’s head and he saw flashes in his eyes. Jason moved back and shook his head to clear it. Jason swung his own stick and struck Alfred’s hip who grunted. Jason swung again; this time fast but not hard on Alfred’s other side. Jason could get through Alfred’s heavier stick by being faster but not as hard. After the third blow, Alfred moved back up several steps and thumped one end of his heavy stick on the porch and suddenly four spikes appeared on one end of the thick club.  Alfred now swung in a two handed fashion. Jason blocked the blow, but one of the spikes tore his jacket. On Alfred’s next swing, Jason used his stick to turn Alfred back into the wall where the spikes stuck. Alfred jerked on the bat but it would not budge. Alfred quickly swung his fist connecting with Jason’s jaw. Jason staggered back and fell down the stairs losing his stick in the process.  Jason landed next to Findley who was just recovering . Jason was facing down the stairs and couldn’t see Alfred, but he was certain the next thing he was going to feel was those detestable spikes. Instead, he heard scuffling and shouting at the top of the stairs. Jason turned over to see Charles Wayland beating Alfred Redman about the head with a cricket bat.

For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story. Thanks for your support.


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