Big Day for The Recruiting Matter Yesterday

Author overwhelmed. Fire department called to remove hat stuck on inflated head. Family promises to deal with the problem quickly and rigorously.

Apparently people weren’t entirely engaged in eating and watching football and parades yesterday. From boredom or the desire to escape family happiness, many of you were on WordPress. The Recruiting Matter had the most views ever since I started writing last May with 29 views. The previous record day was 28 views which was my first posting.  I think that was mostly friends and family in Facebook.   November has already shattered the previous monthly high (225 views as opposed to 167 views in October). As of this posting, I have 99 followers! And I have well over 800 views since May.

I will be making some observations about my posting style after the last chapter is posted. I will say that it is clear that people are responding well to the daily posts. When I finish posting this book, I will be looking to start an author page on Facebook (watch for that). I am also planning something a bit more “social media” like from one of the characters so watch for some different types of entries.

Thanks again for your support.  And may everyone who is or isn’t reading this find something to be thankful for in their lives.


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