The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor – Rachael in the Basement

Another entry in The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor. Rachael is in the basement and the fight with Winifred has begun in earnest. Not surprisingly Winifred is wearing the armor clothing and is immune cuts. However, brawls such as these, there are missteps and they can be as severe as any blow.  Between sword slashes, Winifred is punishing Simone for her rebellion and Eleanor tries to get others to help.

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Rachael – in the basement

Winifred backhanded Simone fiercely and then pressed a button on her wrist. Simone collapsed and screamed. Eleanor saw Simone collapse and cried out “No! Stop it. She’s hurting Simone!” Felicity pulled Eleanor away while Liam and Rachael rushed Winifred. Liam parried a slash by Winifred with his long baton, but grunted under the blow. Rachael ducked under and slashed her knife across Winifred’s belly. Winifred grunted herself but smiled as the blouse opened to reveal a dark undergarment.

Rachael looked annoyed while Liam said, “Handy things, those vest.”

Winifred pushed him away with surprising ease, shook a bit of hair out of her face and said, “Alfred said he was sure he had hit you. Your shot left a terrible bruise on his belly.” She stepped back and put the point of the sword high in front of her and said through tight lips, “But it doesn’t do much for your head.” She slashed at Rachael’s head. Rachael dodged out of the way while Liam parried the blow away as best he could. She felt a hard blow to her shoulder. The vest held, but she felt a bone crack under the pressure and she screamed out.  Rachael stumbled backwards and slipped hard and landed against a table strangely. Rachael fell to the floor and couldn’t move.   Winifred smiled in satisfaction put her sword back up in front and pressed her wrist guard again. Simone shook and screamed again.

Eleanor shouted, “Leave her alone, you bitch. Somebody get that wrist guard. She’s killing Simone.” Rachael watched as Felicity’s eyes narrowed and focus on the wrist guard.  Liam stepped in front of Rachael guarding her as Winifred again tried to slash at Rachael’s immobile body.  Liam blocked the blade again. Simone recovered enough to try and bury her stiletto into the back of Winifred. Winifred back handed her again and shouted with fury, “Enough!”

For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story.

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