The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor – Millicent in Front of Smith’s House

A new entry in The Recruiting Matter  – Mission to Save Eleanor. Millicent has found cover again in the front of Smith’s house. Charles’ drones have fully engaged Camille’s drones.  Smith is now out of the front porch. Smith and Millicent exchange words and shots until news from the basement changes dynamics.

Millicent – At the front of Smith’s House

Millicent poked her head above a sunken entryway one hundred feet away from Smith’s shattered stairway. Three red tinged drones bobbed evasively returning fire from two of Charles’ green tinted drones. What had happened to Charles’ other drones.  The red tinged drones were protecting the long coated figure of John Smith at the top of the stairs who was holding a rifle. She fired a beam at Smith and a drone dropped in front to absorb it just as Charles had done for her. Camille had always been very good and just as loyal as Charles.  Smith fired the rifle in her direction and the pavement in front of her exploded. Smith shouted, “Morgaine! This is foolishness. You can’t possibly get past the front door or the back.”

Millicent grinned a little. Camille must have her hands full if she hadn’t informed Smith about the basement breach. And then she sobered thinking perhaps they hadn’t gotten through.  Millicent shouted back, “Give me Eleanor. She’s mine.”

Smith laughed and fired another round at the pavement in front of Millicent’s cover.  “You’re slipping, Morgaine. Possession? Ownership? That’s not like you.” And he tsked a bit, clucking his tongue and fired at the building above her.  Chunks of brick and mortar shot out over her.

Millicent pressed a button and said, “Charles, concentrate fire on the drone to Smith’s left.”  She fired her beam pistol as well. The red tinged drone began to bob up and around glowing more and more as the three combined beams concentrated their energy. It glowed an iridescent blue getting brighter and brighter.  Then the drone shot towards Millicent’s position and exploded fifty feet away sending chunks of metal in all directions. Smith directed his fire at one of Charles’ drones who dodged and weaved avoid the high speed projectiles. The two red tinged drones concentrated their fire on the onegreen drone which also started to glow the iridescent blue.

Charles said into her ear suddenly, “The basement situation is changing.  Eleanor has slipped free but there is a lot of fighting.”

Smith suddenly charged into the house.  The two red drones headed off in the direction of Millicent’s warehouse.  Millicent shouted, “Charles, break off your drones and prepare for defense.”

For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story.

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