The Recruiting Matter – The Mission to Save Eleanor – Jason in back of Smith’s House

A new entry in the Recruiting Matter – The Mission To Rescue Eleanor. With things heating up in the basement, Charles directs Jason to move towards the house.

More to come tomorrow.

Jason – in back of Smith’s house

Liam had shouted that someone was in the chamber. Jason took that as his cue to increase the level of distraction. The drones were ignoring him as Charles and Camille battled it out. Charles muttered in his ear, “I’ll keep Camille busy. Jason and Millicent do your worst.” Jason charged toward the broken and crumbling stairway. He seemed to be moving faster than he could ever remember. He got to the bottom of the stairs to see Findley Brown smiling at him with a pistol and a sword. Jason thought “Oh this is going to hurt.”


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