The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor – Michael – in the sewer under Smith’s House

A new entry in the Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor.  Michael helped place the drill to go through the wall.  He could see what was going on in the room  – good and bad.  Just as the drill broke through the wall, some one raced down the stairs. When Liam, Felicity and Rachael went through the hole, they faced a difficult situation.

Michael – in the sewer under Smith’s house

Michael had marked where to start the drilling. The goggles had shown three figures in the room. Two were on the far side while one was curled on the floor half way.  What was happening between the two was obvious and Michael burned with silent fury as he watched the assault.  He stayed silent about the rape as John positioned the drilling contraption.  Then there was some commotion out of sight of the goggles and one figure hastily pulled on clothes. Just as the man left, Rachael’s toy appeared in the vent.  The figured curled up investigated the toy and then brought it to the figure changed to the far wall. He told John, “There are only two people and they both are on the far wall. There was a man, but he just left.” John nodded and fired up the beast which started its attack on the wall. Michael focused on the drill bit as it ate away the wall. When he looked back into the basement it was clear that  the note had been read. One person used the pick to set the other free. He also watched as the injection was administered.

The drill was almost through when a figure ran down the stairs. Michael shouted “Someone’s in the room. Can you make that beast drill any faster?” Rachael pulled a lever and the engine seemed to whine louder. John pulled a lever and gears protested as the chunks of rock flew faster.

Liam shouted to the others that someone was in the chambers.  The machine lurched forward as it broke through. John backed up the contraption.  Liam, Rachael and Felicity  squirmed around the machine and ran into the room to face Winifred Stanhope holding a sword to Eleanor Woodson’s neck.

For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story.

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