The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor – Jason in Back of Smith’s House

A new entry in The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor. Jason, in the back of Smith’s house, receives the signal to start causing a distraction. The weapon he used packed a larger punch than he had expected.   The battle is now fully started.

More to come tomorrow

Jason – in back of Smith’s house

Jason had watched the exchange between Charles Wayland and Rachael. Wayland had recognized her, Jason was sure, but he hadn’t raised the alarm. Jason’s task was to disrupt the drones and cause a distraction to Smith and his group. He was ready to start. He had the goggles on at this point. He sighted on one marked red.  He heard Liam send the signal to Charles. Jason pressed the button on his rifle  – it was not a trigger. In that moment, the drone simply disintegrated. The other red marked drones flew faster but not in any apparent direction. Jason loaded another of the oddly shaped cartridges, and  sighted again. It was harder to stay on a target this time as the drones were moving faster. He pressed the button and one drone lost half its mass and dropped to the ground with a bang. The remaining drones increased their evasive maneuvers and started swirling around in a search pattern in his direction. The gun, if he could call it that, made no sound. The bullet arrived at nearly the instant he pressed the button. There was no real need to “lead” the target. He loaded another cartridge.  Charles drones had not yet arrived.

Someone appeared on the landing of the entry way. Millicent had said not to use this on people, but had said nothing about buildings. He picked a spot on the brick side rail of the stairs close to the man on the landing and pressed the button. A two foot hole appeared in the stairs wall.

“Blimey!” Jason exclaimed.

The dust settled and the man struggled to get himself up. He was brushing chunks of mortar and brick off as he tried to find cover in the doorway alcove.  Jason was supposed to cause a ruckus and this seemed like a fine way to do it.  He loaded another cartridge and fired it into the stairwell. More of the solid side wall disappeared in clouds of dust and rock shards. Charles’ green drones flew over the buildings and took aim at the red haloed drones with beams of light.  He looked up and could see three red globes swirling with several green globes with flashes of light streaking in all directions.  The flashes missed mostly but occasionally hit causing sparks to fly.  There was no way he could be sure he didn’t hit one of Charles’ drones. It was time to move towards the house.

For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story.

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