The Recruiting Matter – The Mission to Save Eleanor – John – under Smith’s House

A new entry in the Recruiting Matter – The Mission to Rescue Eleanor – John is in the sewer under Smith’s House and making last minute adjustments to the digging machine.

John – in the sewer under Smith’s house

John looked at the spot Michael had pointed to and wondered why it was just so. But Michael was sure. Felicity ran off to tell Liam that they were ready. John adjusted the contraption one last time. The front consisted of a large drill bit he had “borrowed” from a cousin in the yards. If Michael was correct about the walls around here, it would be through the wall in less than five minutes. An Archimedes screw drew away the tailings. A conveyor dumped them behind the contraption into the sewer. There was a small water pump that could be used to cool down the bit if it got overheated.

John had a good size truncheon. Felicity held a cleaver she took from the kitchen that she said felt just right. Rachael said she had some protection but John couldn’t see any. But knowing any East End girl, it was likely sharp and pointy.  Whoever they would end facing would know they had been in a scrap.

For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story.


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