The Recruiting Matter – Mission to Rescue Eleanor – Rachael in back of Smith’s House

A new Chapter in the Recruiting Matter. Rachael in back of Smith’s house. The underground crew has arrived and positioned their digging machine. Now Rachael needs to use a toy to get a message to Eleanor letting her know they are coming and to be prepared.  She knows about the drones and tries to fool them, but she runs into someone unexpected at the end.

More to come tomorrow

Rachael – in back of Smith’s house

Liam acted as Rachael’s guide after she and John had positioned the great big digging machine according to Michael’s directions. As Liam helped her into the small culvert, Liam said, “OK Lass. Next act is yours. Got your fancy toy ready?”

Rachael smiled back and said, “Wait ‘till you see the fancy toy I hid in your room Liam O’Hannigan.”

Liam looked shocked and then chuckled, “Shoulda known better than to insult a Stepney lass. Follow along.” Rachael followed Liam along a culvert for about 100 yards. He climbed up a ladder of an entry. At the top was an iron manhole cover. He grunted as he pushed it aside and scrambled out. He helped her out and said, “Now go do your magic.”

Rachael gathered herself and opened a carpet bag. Inside was a small clockwork toy with wheels and a long coat. The device was brass with wood wheels that were ribbed for extra traction. In the cart she provided the shot of Charles concoction, a small lock pick, and a stiletto.  She wound up the car. The car was 6 inches long and a couple wide and fit easily under her coat. She looked down the street and then said, “Liam, I need your flask.”

Liam looked pained and said, “I ain’t got no flask. I’m on the job.”

Rachael just looked at him with her hand out.

Liam sighed and handed over the silver hip flask.

Rachael took a mouthful and swished it around and swallowed. Rachael eyes went wide and she exclaimed, “Whoa!” She shook her head and then splashed a bit on her hands and then rubbed her face and a front. She now smelled of sewer and young whiskey. She kept the flask and tipped her hand to Liam and said, “I owe you. Back in a jiffy.”

Liam just shook his head and sat in the shadows watching from the cover of the manhole. The leather pants and shirt might be close fitting, but the long coat wasn’t. She put the goggles in a pocket within her reach and started wandering down the street. She bounced from lamp post to fence singing in a decidedly off key voice.

A hundred years is a very long time,

Ho, yes, ho!

A hundred years is a very long time,

A hundred years ago.

They used to think that pigs could fly

Ho, yes, ho!

I don’t believe it, no, not I.

A hundred years ago.


They thought he moon was made of cheese.

Ho, yes, ho!

You can believe it if you please.

A hundred years ago.

She swung the flask at one point and took a swig. She was sure that Liam winced as she made it look like a long one. She knew Jason was watching somewhere and she hoped his aim was sure if things got dodgy. She was also sure she was going to regret this bit of acting the next time they were in a pub.  As she stumbled within two house of her destination, she felt a whoosh of air as if some spirit slipped by. She stumbled dramatically and pointed in a random direction and shouted, “I say watsh where ya’ goin”. Her stumble got her a bit closer to the roadway and the grate.  She slipped to the ground and pulled out the clock work and placed it in the gutter.  She stood up and found herself face to face with Charles Wayland.



For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story.


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