The Recruiting Matter – The Mission to Save Eleanor – Millicent in front Smith’s House

A new update in the Recruiting Matter – Mission to Save Eleanor.  Millicent has found a place to hide while the pieces of the rescue come together. But she needs to conceal herself.

Millicent – in front of Smith’s House

Millicent moved into position about a block away from Smith’s house. She hid in a sunken stairway topped with a grated fence and flower boxes.  The metal and flowers should obscure the visual sensors of any drones patrolling. She hoped the leather clothes and armor under cloth cloaked enough of her heat signature. Now she waited.

By her guess, Liam’s team should be moving into position in the sewers. She put on her goggles and could see orb shaped drones circling and sweeping up and down the street. She counted four. Jason probably faced that many as well. One of the bouncing orbs started down her end of the street darting from one side of the street to the other. She ducked down the stairwell close to the door and window. Homes of this age had little or no insulation. She hoped heat leaking from the window and door would confuse her signature. The drone flew by and then paused. Millicent visualized herself as a small cold animal. She tried to imagine herself as a tiny lizard on an ice planet.  The drone hovered by the stairwell for a moment then headed further down the street.  She let out a small breath of air which seemed to frost the window. The drone came back down the street. She stayed still again imagining the lizard on the desolate ice planet.  The drone barely hesitated as it flew past her alcove. She shivered for a bit and returned to her position. Frost was on the door and wall where she had stood. Any time now, Liam, she thought.

For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story.


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