The Recruiting Matter – The Mission to Save Eleanor – Jason in Transit to Paddington Neighborhood

A new update to The Recruiting Matter. Jason is now making his way to Smith’s House with Millicent.  Look for a new update tomorrow.

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Jason – in transit to Paddington Neighborhood

Jason hid the strange rifle under his coat.  It was lighter than the hunting rifle he was used to. The barrel caliber was thinner, but was surrounded by coils of wire.  He had 10 of the special cartridges that Millicent said were all that the rifle could manage in one go.  She called it an “Induction Coil Rifle”. The heavy magnetized cartridges were propelled through a set of induction coils.  The resulting muzzle velocity was far higher than conventional rifles.  Jason understood all of the principles as Charles explained them but the technology under his coat baffled him.

Each person in the group had been fitted with more of the armor style cloth. Millicent said the cloth stopped the worst of the damage from conventional bullets and blades.  It had apparently done the job for Michael who was on his own mission tonight after being shot two days ago.  He, Michael, and Rachael also had special goggles that could see through walls and, in his case, see hidden drones.

Rachael, John, Michael and Felicity had left an hour and half ago. Liam was guiding them through the sewers and hauling along John’s digging contraption. The strange machine ran on treads, had a two foot drill bit on the front and a conveyor on the back. The power source remained something of a mystery and had been supplied Millicent. Jason couldn’t get close as John and Rachael were checking valves and switches ensuring that everything functioned as expected.

Jason and Millicent finally left.  They were providing the “distraction”, as Millicent described their activities, and stealth was far less important.  Millicent had equipped herself with a small weapon that looked like a pistol as well as her own rifle. Jason was a simple fighter. He asked for a sturdy club about two feet long.  He improvised in his brawls and he had found through experience that a good piece of wood could block a sword.

They hired a taxi to take them most of the way.  Their weapons and googles were stashed in bags. The taxi stopped at the corner of Marylebone Road and Edgeware Road, about four blocks short of Smith’s house between Orcus and Princess that Jason and the others had visited two nights ago. The two walked together North on Edgeware and made a right on Church Street.  On a dark corner, Millicent and Jason slipped out their goggles.

Millicent said, “Stay low this time…off the roof.  That will just be a trap. Use the goggles to see the drones. Charles will have his own drones. They will show as green in the goggles. He and I both would appreciate you not shooting his down.”

Jason grimaced. He knew she was joking but her reprimand from the morning still felt unfair. A voice in his ear said, “It is annoying and it stings like the devil.” The leather cap that Jason wore had some sort of tiny ear trumpet that projected Charles voice and other voices into his head.  The whole experience was unnerving. He wore a medallion that Millicent said transmitted his voice to Charles, Millicent and others if need be.  He shook his head clearing the other worldly voice out of his head.  By arrangement, Millicent would concentrate on the front and Princess Street. He would provide distraction on Orcus in the back of the house. They split and he began his stealth approach to the house.


For those who are new to the recruiting matter, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to learn and start the story.


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