The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 36 – Michael, Liam and Jason Explore Smith’s Neighborhood

A new chapter in The Recruiting Matter is available – Chapter 36 – Michael, Liam, and Jason Explore Smith’s Neighborhood – Liam and Jason accompany Michael to Smith’s house. Michael uses the goggles to confirm his plans and get new information. The investigation is complicated by the presence of drones. After getting shot at, the three return via the London tunnels.

Michael needed to check out Smith’s house to confirm his assumptions about its design. The group also needed to know something of the pattern of people inside the house.  The drones have shown up again and now they are guarding the house. Millicent might not have been surprised but our Earth based heroes were a bit surprised.  Things get exciting as they get shot at by drones and people.

This is another try at action sequences. I read a lot of action in my pleasure reading, but it isn’t easy to write good action sequences. I think my ability will improve over time, but I still find it a challenge. I have read that getting shot in a bullet proof vest is very uncomfortable. The bullet doesn’t pierce, but the vest doesn’t disperse the kinetic energy much. Getting kicked really hard is the general description I have heard. So Michael is very uncomfortable for the walk home.

I am typing up the last two chapters of The Recruiting Matter. I am about halfway through that process. It has to go through editing obviously. I think I will be releasing the climax chapter in a different fashion. Hopefully next week that will become clear.  I have solidified my key plot progression for the next installment. Millicent’s group will be making a very long journey.

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For those who are new to the story, starting at the home page for The Recruiting Matter is a good idea.


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