The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 35 – Michael Finds a Weakness

There is a new chapter in The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 35 – Michael Finds a Weakness – Michael and Felicity move into their new quarters. The room is spacious and Charles has helpful hints, but Michael is uneasy. He is doubting he fits into the group. Felicity helps, but this is a something Michael must face. Millicent charges Michael with finding a way into Smith’s house.  Michael has to face his misgiving and show why he is valuable.

Michael has misgiving and is unsure of himself. Too much is new. Too much is different. He needs familiar ground to move forward, but that isn’t his life anymore.  Moving into any strange situation – a new neighborhood, a new job, a new relationships is one of the most stressful things a person can do.  Michael is doing all three in one way or another. But Millicent needs his help now. Michael finding his way to feel good made him much more likable in my mind.

I have written the last chapter of The Recruiting Matter. I may do a separate blog on that tomorrow just to say it (and more shameless self promotion).  So for those of you who are wondering if this will ever end, I can say there are three, maybe four more chapters. One of those will be a huge one (even by my standards). I am thinking I may release portions of it at a time, but that is still being decided. And because I haven’t inflicted enough on my long suffering editor or loyal readers, I am planning out the next installment as a part of NaNoWritMo.  I won’t have written 50K words, but I will have a good story outlined. I think I have the key elements finally in place after a bit of brainstorming this morning.

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For those who are new, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to start.


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