The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 34 – Michael Faces a New Reality

A new chapter is out on the Recruiting Matter – Chapter 34 – Michael Faces New Realities – Michael is feeling overwhelmed by the strangeness of everything. Millicent’s ship is impossible. Charles, the voice is impossible. Everything he sees in the warehouse is impossible. And everyone around him seems to be more comfortable than he is.  But Millicent now needs him to figure out a way into Smith’s house and he has to set aside his skepticism and help make a plan.

Michael is a character which has evolved from his initial creation.  At some point, our intrepid crew will leave the planet and make wondrous things. But those wondrous things need an anchor. So an architect with interesting ideas seemed a logical choice. I also added his fiancee which added conflict.  Then I need him to have a personality so I started to play up his skepticism.  In the pub chapters, I found him annoying. In this chapter, his skepticism ceased to serve him well. Too much that is strange is staring him in the face and he has self doubts.  In that sense, all of us have had those moments when we were certain someone was going to discover us for the frauds we felt like. That is a powerful and fearful feeling. It has overwhelmed many people.  The only solution in the face of such self doubt is to act as if one is confident and hope that confidence will truly come.

We are getting close to the end here. I am just about confident I have written the last part of the story. I want to read it again and see if I am satisfied.  I will be spending November (NaNoWritMo – National Novel Writing Month for those who aren’t writers) laying out the next installment. I have some ideas peculating already but I don’t want to drop spoilers just yet.

Kurt Brindley stopped by and reviewed my short story – The Job Offer. I had tried out for his book review offer. I lost out to a far more qualified book, but Kurt kindly stopped by and read my short story. He offered some excellent insights and some very nice complements. As with any review, little of what he said was a surprise. After I finish getting the final chapter of this up, I am going to go back to the short story and try applying some of his ideas and post the revision.  Regardless, I was excited to have someone take a bit of time to read my work carefully.

As always thanks for your support.

For those of you just starting, The Recruiting Matter Home Page is a good place to start.




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