The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 33 – The Return to London

A new chapter in the Recruiting Matter is now up – Chapter 33 – The Return to London – Millicent and her group return to London after learning of Smith’s abduction of Eleanor. At the warehouse, Millicent introduces Charles to the group. As Charles points out, Millicent always enjoys that moment.

Reactions to Charles and the ship range from amazement, to curiosity, to disbelief.  Millicent savors the surprise for a moment.  Charles also must deal with Liam who has found a certain affection for the ship.

This is a short chapter – another transition getting the group from Dunstable back to London. The train ride is less eventful. Millicent has a bit of fun at Jason’s and Liam’s expense. The heart of the chapter is everyone’s entry into the warehouse where the ship is kept and the explanation of Charles.

My long suffering editor is a software engineer and is familiar with Charles Babbage. She did not know that Mr. Babbage was major snob. Babbage blamed the poor and lower classes for all manners of evil. To combat their nefarious scheming, he came up with campaigns to outlaw playing with hoops, and fine factory owners for broken windows among others. But, as Millicent pointed out, Isaac Newton wasn’t easy to get along with and that didn’t diminish his contribution to science.

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