The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 32 – Millicent and Jason Sign an Agreement

A new chapter in the The Recruiting Matter is available – Chapter 32 – Millicent and Jason Sign an Agreement – Millicent and her group finish up at the house. In the wake of Smith’s comments and revelation that he has Eleanor, each person pledges to help rescue Eleanor. Back at the pub, Millicent brings Stephan up to speed on what she has discovered and she signs Jason as a contractor. Her tasks as a Finder are close to finished, but her sense of accomplishment feels hollow.

Eleanor is captured. Smith has let Millicent know she doesn’t have the backing she once did. Jason’s father was up to something.  Things are piling up on Millicent and it is starting to wear. I mentioned earlier that Finders typically work alone and avoid complicated or lasting relationships. But her commitment to this group and to do right by Earth is changing how she works with others. And change is uncertain, uncomfortable and has potential to go wrong.

My long suffering editor observed that she had to do a lot of clean up of my language.  I left some of her changes out hoping to get a bit of dialect into the conversation.  But she did have to work pretty hard on this chapter and I incorporated most of the changes. This chapter has Millicent at her most vulnerable. The encounter with Smith shook her up. Her contractors eagerness to help was unexpected, but she is feeling alone at the moment. And that not something she ever thought about before.

Progress is being made on the final chapters. I am hoping to jump start the next installment in NaNoWriMo.  I won’t finish 50K words, but I expect I will be getting the plot laid out, the conflicts set up, and figuring out the settings and what new technology I can throw in.  I am not sure anyone has actually read the entirety of this installment, but I think a couple of have made it fairly far. I am encouraged.

As always thanks for your support. Your feedback is always welcome

If you are new, the Home Page, The Recruiting Matter is a good place to start.


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