The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 31 – Jason Makes Choices

A new chapter in the Recruiting Matter is up. Chapter 31 – Jason Makes Choices – John Smith, Findley Brown and Neville Carter-Fraser walk up to the house as Millicent and her group are exploring it. The group has a chance to finally see Smith for who he really is.  While Smith might not have expected Millicent at the house, he passes on news about Eleanor, the Guild Council, and Jason’s parents that changes things entirely.

John Smith and Millicent Morgaine finally meet directly.  The sparring is verbal this time, but Smith delivers some serious blows.  He has Eleanor Woodson. And he lets Millicent know that she may not have the support of the Finders Guild she once had. In fact, she might be on her own at this point. Millicent fires back challenging Smith’s brutal methods, but he is unconcerned. Jason has another confrontation with Findley. In Smith’s care, Findley seems to have found what he is really looking for and Jason is shocked and regretful. Did Smith do this to Findley or did he simply encourage Findley’s latent need for power and control? In all of this news, Jason starts to unhinge. Who can he trust? Where can he find information about his parents? Why were they so important? Millicent has few answers, but she has been straight forward in her own way.

My long suffering editor had to work on this chapter a bit. In the end, not a whole lot changed – it took her a second read to follow some of my plot devices. It was a difficult chapter for her to read in that Smith comes out very evil now. She agreed that the actions and dialog were probably necessary if uncomfortable to read.

She recently started reading this blog posts. She approves of her title. She has made the recommendation that I take some more time with these entries. First, she found several typos.  Second, I need to “punch up” the opening paragraphs.  She has a very valid point. I spend a long time on the chapters and a decent amount of time of the blog reviews to make sure they are right. These entries have been afterthoughts.  My opening lines have been “understated” and that might be ok for Victorian England, it isn’t very good marketing in the internet age. But writing “grabbers” is harder than it seems.

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