The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 27 – A Trip to Dunstable

A new chapter in the Recruiting Matter is up – Chapter 27  – A Trip to Dunstable.  The contracts are signed and the crew gets on the train to Dunstable to meet with Jason. It is the first time John and Rachael have left London.  John experiences the difficulties of ordering tickets and experiences the difficulties of not know what to do.

This is a short chapter. But I wanted to transition the team into Dunstable where the storylines begin to merge.  I have been fortunate to travel a great deal. And I even travelled by bus as a youth. But kids from poor neighborhoods may never make it out of their location whether it is Los Angeles, New York, the Bay Area, or London. The idea of traveling many hours to a different locale must be a scary one. Even though John and Rachael are still in merry olde England, they are seeing areas as if it were a foreign land.  This becomes a bit of a foreshadowing of the changes they face on their trip to their patron to do work.

This story was part of the last one. My editor had few changes to it. One of the things I have discovered that has helped immensely in keeping my geography in London accurate is an old map of London.  It is online and can be found here – Map of John Snow’s London. John Snow did a famous study of epidemiology in which he mapped the cases of cholera in London and traced its origins to the water system. This has been invaluable for me to see the alleys and parks which are not named the same as they are today.

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