The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 26 – Contracts Are Signed

A new chapter in The Recruiting Matter is in place  – Chapter 26 – Contracts Are Signed. Millicent finally gets some of her recruits to sign contracts. John, Michael and Felicity sign contracts to Millicent’s service.  Felicity also negotiates a place for her skills with Millicent – a position that will sound very familiar to those in the consulting world.

I should write apologies more often. In a burst of effort, I finished my corrections before handing this chapter to my long suffering editor.  I must be getting better because she had very few changes to offer. The most drastic had to do with a consistency issue. Millicent finds a place for Felicity. Michael deals with his skeptics. And John must face more needles with a not so brave face.

The last set of chapters was written from the point of view of Rachael Weiz. This chapter and the next two will be from the point of view of John O’Malley.  As a character,  I rather like him. How many of us, in our early years, tried too hard to fit in only to regret it later? (I will own that mistake and remember the phrase “youth is wasted on the young”). One has to have a strong belief in oneself to not fall prey to the easy molding of one peers. And if one could be in the “popular group”, even greater is the temptation to subvert what is important. But we learn, we grow and we become better as people.  John is learning friends do not have to be in high places.

I made a recent purchase of a writers helper. “The Emotion Thesaurus” that is already well thumbed. In reading authors webpages and guides for writing, I see the phrase “Show, not tell” enough to get that it is important. However, I have had difficulties  in “showing” emotion.  I stumbled upon this book while looking for a recommended editing book.  As a part of my blog, I will start reviewing some useful reads I have found for “novice writers”. I am learning a great deal I never knew about writing in this exercise.

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