The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 25 – Rachael Learns About a Journey

A new chapter for the Recruiting Matter is up – Chapter 25 – Rachael Learns About a Journey.  Rachael and Felicity have been inoculated with the nanotechnology.  The spend some time at the bar getting to know one another. Abigail and her family arrive. Abigail describes her time as a contractor for Millicent and challenges the recruits ideas of what is possible. 

This is the last full Rachael chapter for now.  We find out more about Felicity. John continues to become a bit more accessible. The real meat of this chapter is Abigail’s discussion with the four recruits present (I am including Felicity). We get an idea of what happens off world and we get an idea of the some of the chosen sacrifice. We start to see a bit more of Michael’s personality and his relationship with Felicity as well.

After getting three chapters ready, I am a little behind on the editing side. I haven’t got anything ready for my editor. I am making slow progress on the climatic chapter. I have gotten some excellent suggestions from my editor and that is requiring a lot of scratching out and rewriting. But it will be worth it. Regardless, this month has been a banner month! I should have over 500 views by the end of the day. And the number of view this month SHATTERED previous numbers.  I was a little worried that things were slowing a bit, but people are coming by to see what is going on. It would be nice if they read more chapters, but I won’t be too picky.


Thanks for your support.


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