The Recruiting Matter – Chapter 24 – Rachael and John Arrive at the Pub

A new chapter in the Recruiting Matter is now online. Chapter 24 – Rachael and John Arrive at the Pub – Rachael and John arrive at the pub. Liam is hurt  but will live. We meet Michael’s fiancee. Everyone receives nanotechnology injections.  And Rachael gets to see what working with Millicent means.

My long suffering editor made some significant contributions in this chapter. First, she recommended a particular character be removed.  Miranda no longer has a husband. He didn’t add much so it wasn’t a physically difficult change. It took me a day to agree that it probably was for the best. She approved of the chapter break. Knowing that Liam was going to be ok in the previous chapter was much better from her perspective. A lot of dialog, position and sequence was tightened up in the chapter as well.

Felicity is introduced here. Felicity quickly became an important character. When I first started, she was off on the sidelines acting as a barrier to Michael. Then I decided that love ought to be given a chance and so Millicent relented. Then she is turning out to be very fascinating character in her own right.  We will be hearing quite a bit more from her. And Michael never would have been successful if she didn’t come along.

I have one more Rachael chapter to post shortly

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